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How to Block Rounds

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Old 08-19-2006 , 16:41   Re: How to Block Rounds
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im running current version of deathmatch with mani admin and source:mm on linux. these instructions dont seem to remove rounds.

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Old 08-27-2006 , 11:47   Re: How to Block Rounds
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Same here
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Old 08-27-2006 , 20:29   Re: How to Block Rounds
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Is it possible to end a map/round by kills?
like 1st one with 100/200or300 kills will end the Round (maybe his team wins then)
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Old 08-28-2006 , 00:06   Re: How to Block Rounds
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mp_fraglimit ?
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Old 08-28-2006 , 18:02   Re: How to Block Rounds
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Hi everyone.

I can't get rid of the new rounds after the Time reaches 0:00, too.
It's even worse : I just noticed that it restarts after one Team is dead (really annoying if you're just 2 players, because it restarts after each death -.-)

I set up an aim_ag_texture2-only ( http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/4400 ) Deathmatch-Server ( )

Does anyone have a clue what I did wrong ?
I hope someone can solve this :/

These are my configfiles:

Stripper's global_filters.cfg :

"classname" "/.*bomb.*/"
"classname" "/.*hostage.*/"

Server.cfg :
hostname "Gorug's Deathmatch-Kiste : aim_ag_texture2"
maxplayers "12"
sv_maxspeed "320"
mp_flashlight "0"
mp_footsteps "1"
mp_startmoney "800"
mp_buytime "1.5"
mp_c4timer "45"
mp_fadetoblack "0"
mp_autoteambalance "1"
mp_limitteams "1"
mp_timelimit "999"
mp_roundtime "10"
mp_winlimit "0"
mp_freezetime "4"
mp_friendlyfire "1"
mp_falldamage "1"
mp_allowspectators "1"
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
mp_tkpunish "0"
mp_autokick "0"
mp_hostagepenalty "3"
mp_forcecamera "0"

My cssdm.cfg :
;CS:S DM Configuration File
; Default settings by BAILOPAN
; This file was packaged with CS:S DM 0.95

;Menu flags:
; p - primary
; s - secondary
; a - armor
; g - grenade
; b - buy

;Autoitem flags:
; a - armor
; h - helmet
; g - grenades
; n - night vision goggles

;Grenade flags:
; f - flashbang
; h - he grenade
; s - smoke grenade

;Spawn flags:
; 0 - no random spawning
; 1 - preset spawning

menus = ps
spawnmode = 1
autoitems = ahg
grenades = fhs
flash_num = 2

;Mapchange stuff, for stripper users
auto_mapchange = 0
mapchange_file = mapcycle.txt

;Spawn protection stuff
;Time in seconds, 0=disabled
protection = 4
protcolor_red = 0
protcolor_green = 255
protcolor_blue = 0
protcolor_alpha = 20

;respawn wait style
; 0 - automatic, time based
; 1 - requires a mouse click (wait time must pass first)
; The mouse click is experimental and currently
; does not work as expected because of CS:S's spectator mode.
respawn_wait_method = 0

;Time before players respawn after death, either automatically
; or by clicking their mouse (mode 1).
respawn_wait_time = 1

;Dead body stay time, in seconds
;0 = instant removal, 20=max
body_stay_time = 2

;DO NOT SET mp_friendlyfire to 1 - FFA WILL NOT WORK!
free_for_all = 0

;strips initial weapons as a player/bot spawns
;(note: does not remove the knife)
strip_weapons = 0

;allows C4 to drop from a player
;if 0, C4 is stripped from players and cannot drop
allow_c4 = 0

;If 1, players can hit their reload key to refill their ammo.
;(As of 0.95 this must be done manually, it's not automatic)
auto_refill = 1

;Format for weapon menus is:
;shortname "Display Name" menupage
;Add "blocked" to the end to block the weapon from showing up
; Or just delete it from the list

;Do not edit the menu #s for this one!
usp USP 0
glock Glock 0
deagle Deagle 0
p228 P228 0
elite Elite 0
fiveseven "Five Seven" 0

m4a1 M4A1 1
ak47 AK47 1
aug AUG 1
sg552 SG552 1
galil Galil 1
famas Famas 1
scout Scout 2
awp AWP 2
sg550 SG550 2
m249 M249 2
g3sg1 G3SG1 2
ump45 "UMP 45" 3
mp5navy "MP5 Navy" 3
m3 M3 3
xm1014 XM1014 3
tmp TMP 3
mac10 "Mac 10" 3
p90 P90 3

;if you want a weapon to be given to players automatically,
; list it here. This occurs directly on spawn.
;It happens after any weapons stripping.

;List weapons here the bots can randomly have
;The short name must match one in the list above
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Old 08-29-2006 , 08:42   Re: How to Block Rounds
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Hmm, ok it seems i was partly wrong. It restarts the round if there are only a few players because there seems no way to avoid a new round, if a whole team is dead at the same time.So if there's only one player in a team, the others 'win' if he dies. But it's not a problem with enough players.

But the rounds still end when the time reaches 0:00

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Old 08-31-2006 , 12:50   Re: How to Block Rounds
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i resolved the problem of too few players by having 4 bots load at start of every map, how u kick the bots is upto you, i keep them on the server until it fills then it kicks a bot when there is only one slot left empty until the server full with no bots.

But i also have used stripper to remove the bombs and hostages, de_ maps are fine, time runs down to 0 and we just carry on until fraglimit 100 is reached. but cs_ maps the time runs down and it just says terrors win hossies havent been rescued and new round begins.

I use cssdm 0.95 (previous was 0.93), mm 1.3, mani 1.2Nbeta RC22 SMM and latest stripper plugin. I only use the "classname" "/.*hostage.*/" in stripper as a global filter. server is rented linux based OS. I have cssdm.cfg set to default values.

Just wondered if anyone else had similar problem and if they found a solution
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Old 08-31-2006 , 21:54   Re: How to Block Rounds
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I add 3 bots t and 2 bots ct....join ct first and the Dmatch never ends...I also defer bots so when players come in they are booted...this method is simple, no rounds...kinda an easy way out , but it works
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Old 12-09-2006 , 23:39   Re: How to Block Rounds
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I Run A Gun Game Server And I Have It Set Up So There Is Always Bots When No Players And As Players Join Bots Get Kicked

Maybe This Will Help a Lil?

My Settings Are

Bot_join_after_player 0   //Bots Are Always There Even When No One Is Playing
Bot_quota 6               // Number Of Possible Bots In Server
Bot_quota_mode fill       // When 1 Player Joins a Team, 1 Bot Drops
Bot_Chatter Off           // Shuts The Bots Up

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Old 12-11-2006 , 22:07   Re: How to Block Rounds
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I tried removing all props but didn't work sofar. Have this in my global_filter.cfg:


"classname" "/.*bomb.*/"
"classname" "/.*hostage.*/"
"classname" "/prop_physics.*/"

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