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Intellectual Property *UPDATED*

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Old 03-20-2004 , 20:31   Intellectual Property *UPDATED*

I'd like to make an official stance on Intellectual Property here at AMXx forums. Plugins that violate IP laws will be removed and the author will be banned from posting plugins.

1: Respect the source. If you use someone else's source, cite them or give them credit somewhere.
2: Respect the license. If someone has a specific copyright on their work, you must obey it.
3: Respect the author. They put work into their creations, and if you use specific ideas or concepts they had, be a nice person and write that you benefited from their work.

IP issues are very hard to settle and it's not an easy task. If you think someone violated your intellectual property here, you can PM me or e-mail bailopan[at]gmail[dot]com. Here are some basic guidelines to this. These are inclusive but not limited to, and it is at our discretion when faced resolving copyright issues belonging to AMXx.

Note that all AMXx plugins must be written under the GNU General Public License unless you talk to us first - so this shouldn't even be a real issue as long as the GPL is respected. As AMX Mod X is GPL'd, our stance is that plugins that use our API must also be GPL'd. You can see the full GPL text by clicking here. The following rules may or may not be in the GPL, but they are our rules for posting plugins on our forums.

What Is Not Tolerated?
  • If someone posts a plugin identical to to another that was obviously created ripped with the author tags changed.
  • If you are directly porting another plugin from AMX Mod, you must keep that author's name in register_plugin() unless you changed a large amount of code.
  • If someone posts illegal code or anything that violates the DMCA.
  • If someone posts proprietary code that is not in the open source realm, without permission.

Note, this, for the most part, is lenient. If you are mad that someone took three lines of code from your plugin, shut up. This is an open source community and sharing is important. This site is for scripting reference and code archives, and is available to the public. Chances are, those three lines were viewed for reference or learning. And in 99% of these cases, it is completely generic code. If you PM us about little squabbles that amount to nothing, you will get a nonsensical response.

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