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Optimizing AlliedModders Plugins: What PHP Techniques Work Best?

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Old 06-11-2024 , 09:24   Optimizing AlliedModders Plugins: What PHP Techniques Work Best?
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Hi everyone,

I've been developing plugins for AlliedModders for a while now, and one area I always strive to improve is the performance of my PHP code. As we all know, optimized code not only enhances the user experience but also ensures our servers run smoothly without unnecessary strain.

I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community to learn from your experiences. What PHP optimization techniques have you found to be most effective when developing or enhancing AlliedModders plugins? Here are a few areas I'm particularly interested in:

Code Efficiency: What are some of the best practices you follow to write efficient PHP code for plugins? Are there specific patterns or practices you avoid to keep the code clean and fast?

Database Optimization: How do you handle database interactions in your plugins to ensure they're as efficient as possible? Any tips on query optimization or using caching mechanisms?

Caching Strategies: Speaking of caching, what strategies have you found useful for reducing load times and improving performance? Do you use any specific PHP caching tools or techniques?

Memory Management: How do you manage memory usage in your plugins? Any techniques for avoiding memory leaks or ensuring your plugin doesn’t consume more resources than necessary?

Profiling and Testing: What tools do you use to profile and test the performance of your plugins? Any recommendations on how to identify and address performance bottlenecks?

I've tried a few techniques myself, such as using opcode caching and optimizing SQL queries, but I'm always looking to learn more and improve. Your insights and experiences would be incredibly valuable not only to me but to many others in the community who are looking to enhance the performance of their plugins.

Thanks in advance for your contributions and for sharing your wisdom!

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