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Updated AMXBans

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Old 06-07-2024 , 15:42   Updated AMXBans
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If anyone is still using AMXBans, I made some quality of life updates to fysiks' PHP8 repo, and Dockerized it. You can find the repo below. Not sure if this is in the wrong section or against the rules, let me know if so.

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Old 06-08-2024 , 00:59   Re: Updated AMXBans
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I'm not all that familiar with docker but, as far as I know, it is generally considered that the "build" folder contains artifacts which are the final product of the source code (i.e. they are derived from the source code) and is (almost) always ignored. Even here, it does contain the source and not the build of your product (the docker container). Should this not be a "source" folder instead?

Otherwise, it's nice to see that someone is taking interest in this. I don't personally even use AMXBans but was helping out a friend of mine so I haven't had a deep incentive to fix some of the bug of which I was aware.

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Old 06-08-2024 , 12:33   Re: Updated AMXBans
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I don't disagree with you, it's just the naming convention I've been using since I started building containers six years ago, and I haven't thought about it since. It's possible I saw a few other repos using a similar naming structure for Docker stuff back then and I adopted it from there. The built container images themselves are available in the packages section of the repo, I don't imagine the few people this project may of be interest to will do anything other than run the quick command at the top of README.md
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Old 06-11-2024 , 02:19   Search Sexy Womans in your city for night
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