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Compiling a plugin in 2022

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Lemon Needle
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Old 04-09-2022 , 09:59   Compiling a plugin in 2022
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Hey all, I've taken an interest in creating server plugins based on metamod source. The community infrastructure is huge and information is plentiful, however, it's been a challenge to find up-to-date info that can be executed without problems on modern systems.

I've been digging up old forum posts, scouring the wikis and investigating the discord. I've found a treasure trove of threads from 10 years ago, wiki pages from many different time periods with conflicting information, and elaborate guides that explain how to write and compile plugins on windows 7 with VS2010.

I've tried putting as much information into practice as I could, however, almost all paths lead to some kind of compatability issue. I'm not experienced enough to solve these kinds of problems on my own.

Are there any resources available that go into detail on how to compile a metamod source plugin with VS2017+ on windows 10+ and solve common problems? Thank you.
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Old 04-12-2022 , 04:59   Re: Compiling a plugin in 2022
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I've created a project template that builds the sample Metamod:Source plugin using AMBuild, since that's the current preferred build system for related projects.

It's been tested against VS2015 and the TF2 HL2SDK, so I assume that it works for 2017 as well.
It doesn't work on VS2017 for some reason (maybe my installation is cursed), but I've also tested it against VS2019 and it compiles successfully there.
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