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    Limits the number of times each player may purchase or pick up a weapon per map.
    Old 05-23-2009 , 08:26   WeaponQuota
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    This plugin is undertested. It is here to share with testers.

    WeaponQuota allows the server admin to limit the number of times each player may purchase or pick up a weapon per map. Once the quota is reached and the player dies, the weapon can not be picked up or purchased again until the next map. If the player has the weapon but does not die, they will be allowed to get it again until their next death when the quota has been reached. The quotas are reset at map change. A config file must be created to control this plugin. It should list the maximum number of times a given weapon may be purchased or picked up.

    Depends on UserRestrict by theY4Kman.

    • none
    • weapon_quota_version
      • The current version of WeaponQuota. This is read-only and is provided for HLSW and other 3rd party applications.
    • Install UserRestrict by theY4Kman
    • From .smx and .cfg
      • Download WeaponQuota.smx by using the "Get Plugin" link below and download WeaponQuota.cfg by clicking on that link below. Place WeaponQuota.smx in your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder and put WeaponQuota.cfg in your addons/sourcemod/configs directory.
    • 0.0.1
      • Initial Testing
    • 0.0.3
      • Multiple bug-fixes. Tested working, but not release ready.
    Thanks to Stinkyfax and the greater #sourcemod.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (WeaponQuota.sp - 1707 views - 3.3 KB)
    File Type: cfg WeaponQuota.cfg (87 Bytes, 895 views)

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    Old 05-20-2010 , 15:56   Re: WeaponQuota
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    How can i configure this together with UserRestrict??
    my cfg's.:

    "awp" "5"
    "g3sg1" "5"
    "sg550" "5"

    "awp" "1"
    "g3sg1" "1"
    "sg550" "1"

    It does't work for me how i want - 5 snipers per map. It does't give me those weapons at all

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    Old 04-16-2011 , 11:39   Re: WeaponQuota
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    Does not work, the restriction is not made ​​after the number of the weapon used ...
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    Old 07-11-2011 , 13:33   Re: WeaponQuota
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    aSmig, the restriction isn't working. Also, if you're still around could you modify, or make a new plugin that achieves the following:

    I need a plugin (new one or one above edited to include) that will block Sniper weapons (defaulted to AWPs and Autos) for a player after they have achieved "X" (configurable) number of kills with it and automatically force them to drop that weapon and (optionally) equip them with X (configurable) weapon. Once Sniper weapons are blocked for a player, that player cannot purchase (even through Autobuy) or pickup Sniper weapons for the remainder of the map (even if they reconnect) with a sound playing for if they try to pickup or purchase the restricted weapon. Sniper weapons would include AWP and AUTO by default, but a cvar could be included to include scouts in that list of sniper weapons too.

    example cvars:
    sm_restrict_MaxSniperKills 5 // (0 to disable, number) Sets the max number of kills allowed with Snipers per map
    sm_restrict_ScoutIsSniper 0 // (0,1) Include Scout in the Sniper group (this must be 0 if sm_SniperReplace is "scout")
    sm_restrict_SniperReplace "scout" // ("weapon_name" or "" to disable) Weapon to equip player once they've reached their sm_MaxSniperKills limit (if sm_restrict_ScoutIsSniper is 1, do not use "scout")
    sm_RestrictedWeaponSound "admin_plugin/actions/restrictedweapon.wav" // Location of sound to play

    Things to consider:
    If a player is restricted from using AWP or AUTO and they pick one up from the ground, should the gun be destroyed, re-dropped, or switched into the sm_SniperReplace weapon? You wouldn't want a player to go into a loop of pickup restricted weapon, drop it, pick it up, drop it, pick it up, drop it, etc...

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