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HE Arena:Source

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Fun Stuff
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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Unlimit hegrenade only
    Old 07-22-2008 , 11:24   HE Arena:Source
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    At a command of the adminisrator "hea_start" there is a restart of a round, players receive all to a granate and the armor, players cannot buy what weapon. At explosion the player receive granate new. At a command of the adminisrator "hea_stop" there is a restart of a round, and game comes back in a normal mode.

    fixed errors: "Client index is invalid"
    hea_enabled - plugin is active/not active-1/0 (by default 0)
    hea_armor - Auto give a armor, 2=assault suit, 1=kevlar, 0=off (by default 2)
    hea_defuser - Auto give a defuser, 1=on, 0=off (by default 1)
    hea_use_knife - Use of knifes, 1=on, 0=off (by default 0)
    hea_no_money - No money mode, 1=on, 0=off (by default 1)
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    Old 01-05-2010 , 10:10   Re: HE Arena:Source
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    I think this is a very nice plugin...

    But my advice is to make the plugin universal.
    To make the Arena variable.
    The Player should have a command to say ok now i want a p90 Arena or a TMP Party.

    You understand what i mean?

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    Old 08-06-2011 , 06:06   Re: HE Arena:Source
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    I got this error log
    L 08/01/2011 - SourceMod error session started
    L 08/01/2011 - Info (map "de_inferno") (file "errors_20110801.log")
    L 08/01/2011 - [SM] Native "IsPlayerAlive" reported: Client 2 is not in game
    L 08/01/2011 - [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "he_arena_source.smx":
    L 08/01/2011 - [SM]   [0]  Line 178, /home/groups/alliedmodders/forums/files/3/3/9/8/0/29179.attach::Slot4()
    L 08/02/2011 - Error log file session closed.
    Notice: If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.
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