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[ANY] Smacbans 0.2.0 (Updated 2013/05/13)

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    A community based global Cheater Database of SMAC-Bans
    Old 04-25-2013 , 18:52   [ANY] Smacbans 0.2.0 (Updated 2013/05/13)
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    Simply blocks known Cheater catched by SMAC (Sourcemod Anti Cheat) from your server.
    If a client connects on your server it sends the STEAM_ID to our API.
    Then our API checks whether there is a positiv match in our database.
    If so, the client will be kicked.
    Already checked players are cached to prevent unnecessary load and traffic.


    Get one of the following extensions for SourceMod : Curl or Socket
    If you want to autoupdate the Plugin you can download the Sourcemod Auto updater : Updater
    Upload the downladed archive onto your gameserver.
    Load the plugin via sm_plugins reload or do a mapchange.
    A smacban-block.cfg will be created in : addons/sourcemod/config
    Edit the config ( if needed ).


    Replace "smacbans-block.smx" in "addons/sourcemod/plugins" with the new version.

    • smacbans_block_log_enabled (0/1, default: 1)
    • If activated all informations about a player ban will be stored in a log file.
    • smacbans_block_public_messages (0/1, default: 0)
    • If activated all players on a gameserver become an ingame message of the status of the joining player.
    • smacbans_block_recheck_undetermined (0/1, default: 0)
    • If activated all uncheckable players will be checked in the next check again.
    • smacbans_block_welcome_message (0/1, default: 1)
    • If activated newly connected Players become an ingame message that the server is protected by smacbans.com
    • smacbans_block_message_verbosity (0/1/2, default: 2)
    • Defines how detailed the ingame Messages should be, 0- No message, 1- Only Block Messages, 2 - All messages
    • smacbans_block_cache_messages (0/1, default: 0)
    • Defines if status messages shoud appear if the client is already in cache
    • smacbans_block_version
    • Defines the version of the block-Plugin ( can not be changed )


    You have found a bug or have ideas for imporovements ?

    Write a Bugreport

    Sourcecode and documentation for developer

    Github repositority
    Development builds
    Information about development builds


    Q: Is this service for free?
    A: Yes! There is no payment for using any of our services.

    Q: Why another global Banlist / What is the differency to other ban lists ?
    A: Our bans are only SMAC-Bans.
    So our database have a lot of valid cheaters banned from
    trusted communitys.

    Q: How does the Banning process works ?
    A: Some trusted Servers running SMAC.
    If you get a SMACBan there, the ban will be transfered into our global banlist.

    Q: Why ist the list of trusted server not public ?
    A: To protect the server.

    Q: Where can i check if I'm banned
    A: Directly on our forum portal (left seite) of smacbans.com.
    In our
    webtool. Or you can use a small desktoptool (SMACheck) to check a player status and other infos.

    Q: Is it possible to integrate a smacbans.com-check in a webpage
    A: Yes. All Infos to do that can be found in our webtool.

    Q: Is the ban process save ?
    A: The ban process is as save as SMAC is. If there is a false positive people have the option to protest a ban at our forums.
    We do not transfer all bans (such as Bunnyhop and co).

    Q: When was smacbans.com founded ?
    A: We started in April 2012

    Q: How trustworthy are your service ?
    A: We are no less trustworthy than other global ban lists.
    No global banlist in the world is 100% secure.

    Q: Who are you guys ?
    A: We are all owner of large communities in Germany and Europe.
    We were transferring our Banlists Manually in the past years.
    One day we decided to transfer the bans automatically.

    After some times to we have decided to share our banlist.

    Q: When will be the bans removed from SMACBans.com databse ?
    A: If there is a SMACBan, the Ban never will be removed except in case of a false positive.
    Q: What can I do if get banned ?
    A: If the Ban is valid, there is nothing to do.
    If you think that you have been banned wrongly you can protest a ban in our Forum.

    Q: Can I report a Cheater ?
    A: No we do not accept reports or demos.
    We do not Ban manually. Our system is fully automatic.

    Q: Why would anyone run this & SMAC at the same time ?
    A: To block old cheaters, like VAC do it.

    Q: Would it be possble to add a whitelist through smacbans.com ?
    A: NO! We do not support cheater!

    Q: It's possible to create extensions for this pugin?
    A: Yes, there are some forwards for use.
    Informations to all forwards can be found here: https://github.com/Impact123/SmacBans-Block#forwards

    Special thanks to :

    SMAC Development Team
    and all people working in our Admin and Mod Team @Smacbans.com


    Sorry for my very bad english
    Greetings HSFighter
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