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[CS:GO] Cvar and command list

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Old 08-19-2012 , 16:01   Re: [CS:GO] Cvar and command list
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Note: Locked cvars must be set using sm_cvar
       Cvar: spec_allow_roaming - If nonzero, allow free-roaming spectator camera.
       Cvar: spec_freeze_deathanim_time - The time that the death cam will spend watching the player's ragdoll before going into the freeze death cam.
       Cvar: spec_freeze_target_fov - The target FOV that the deathcam should use.
       Cvar: spec_freeze_target_fov_long - The target FOV that the deathcam should use when the cam zoom far away on the target.
       Cvar: spec_freeze_time - Time spend frozen in observer freeze cam.
       Cvar: spec_freeze_traveltime - Time taken to zoom in to frame a target in observer freeze cam.
       Cvar: sv_vote_allow_spectators - Allow spectators to vote?
       Locked Cvar: mp_allowspectators - toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not
       Locked Cvar: mp_forcecamera - Restricts spectator modes for dead players

So currently I am trying to tweak my settings for spectate and trying to figure out if our spec glitch is game-wide or only on our servers.

Currently, spectating once you are dead lets you either spectate one team or the other, but sometimes lets you spectate all players/teams. Sometimes when a terrorist you are spectating kills a CT, you can then only spec CT. Like I said this is completely random, but if someone could lead me to the proper settings to fix our spec that would be great.

What I want:

Allow everybody to spectate everybody.
Allow everybody to hear everybody.
Allow free spectate camera roaming.
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