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Subplugin Submission [ZP5.0] Vip Plugin v1.1

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Old 07-16-2014 , 10:42   [ZP5.0] Vip Plugin v1.1
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-=[ RZ ] =-
-= [VIP PLUGIN] =-

This plugin can be used only in ZP 5.0 or higher version, i created it long time ago for server that i played on. It has lot of cvars and customizations you can use to make gameplay more insteresting.

To set someone to be VIP you just need to add "t" flag, and restart or change map on the server, after that player that you wanted to make VIP is now VIP.

Inside "rz_vip.cfg" you can see all settings you can change.
/// -----------------------------
// RZ VIP Plugin For Zombie Server
// -----------------------------
// Any changes you make here will be
// automatically loaded at map start

// ---------------------------------
// VIP Ability         (Settings)  |
// ---------------------------------
rz_vip_extra_damage_on             1        // Does VIP have Extra Damage? (Default:1)
rz_vip_extra_damage_amount        10        // Every hit VIP does extra HP damage? (Default:10)
rz_vip_armor_amount              100        // Amount of armor VIP is getting on start. (Default:100)
rz_vip_health_amount             100        // Amount of extra health VIP is getting on start. (Default:100)
rz_vip_no_recoil                   1        // Does VIP have No Recoil? (Default:1)
rz_vip_block_fall_dmg              1        // Fall damage does not count for VIP? (Default:1)
rz_vip_multijump_amount            1        // VIP gets how much extra jumps? (Default:1)
rz_vip_multijump_zombie            1        // Can VIP That is zombie jump? (Default:1)
rz_vip_multijump_human             1        // Can VIP That is human jump? (Default:1)
rz_vip_fire_immune                 0        // Is VIP immune to fire grenades? (Default:0) 
rz_vip_ice_immune                  1        // Is VIP immune to ice grenades? (Default:0) 
rz_vip_infectnade_get              0        // Does VIP Get grenades when he is zombie? (Default:0)
rz_vip_infectnade_amount           1        // How much inf grenades zombie gets if its set to get nades? (Default:1)
rz_vip_dmg_reward_on               1        // Is damage reward on? (Default:1)
rz_vip_dmg_reward_amount         400        // How much Damage you need to create to get extra ammopacks? (Default:400)
rz_vip_unlimited_clip              0        // Do you want your VIP to have unlimited clip? (Default: 0)        

// ---------------------------------
// VIP Grenades        (Settings)  |
// ---------------------------------
rz_vip_firenade_amount             2        // Amount of fire grenades VIP starts with. (Default:2)
rz_vip_freezenade_amount           2        // Amount of freeze grenades VIP starts with. (Default:2)
rz_vip_flarenade_amount            2        // Amount of flare grenades VIP starts with. (Default:2)

// ---------------------------------
// VIP Connect Message (Settings)  |
// ---------------------------------
rz_vip_connect_show                1        // Does connected message shows up when VIP connects? (Default:1)
rz_vip_board_message               1        // Does VIP tag shows on scoreboard? (Default:1)

// ---------------------------------
// VIP Models          (Settings)  |
// ---------------------------------
rz_vip_model_on                    1        // Do you want VIP Models to be on? (Default: 1)
rz_vip_model_knife_on              1        // Do you want VIP Knife to be on? (Default: 1)

// End for the version 1.1
Set VIP Model:
To change models go to rz_vip.ini and set model's you want.

For now there is only one native so if you want me to add some natives write in this thread.
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