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AlliedModders logo ???

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Old 06-07-2019 , 12:45   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

Lots of people arround the world has issues with the lgbt community. Lots of them are talking shit about them all over the internet every single day. I think its good that others show their support for the lgbt community. If people dont talk about it, show support and acceptans then young people will grow up only hearing and reading the negative and then we never get change and acceptans. Thats why pride is also important.

I do however think lots of people doing pride is going way overboard and turns it into something silly. Walking arround in leather suits with dildos etc. xD

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Old 06-07-2019 , 14:47   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

Originally Posted by HamletEagle View Post
Why not? People are allowed to say they don't like the new logo. You can't ask new people not to voice their opinion just because some other people said the same thing 4 years ago.

They are not complaining about what the logo means, they are just saying it's ugly.
What people say and what people actually mean are not always the same thing.

The topic from years ago had already shown that certain people were complaining about the logo when they were really complaining about what the logo stood for.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.
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Old 06-07-2019 , 19:58   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

This logo sucks.
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Old 06-08-2019 , 06:28   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

The last thing we need on this site about hl modding is political crap and debates that would result in drama and toxicity. lol
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Old 06-08-2019 , 06:40   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

I think the logo looks great.
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Old 06-09-2019 , 00:36   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

Where is the option for gabenBB?

Because we need the steam icon to show that non-steam is unsupported here.
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Old 06-09-2019 , 09:56   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

Bleah, gay logo!
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Old 06-09-2019 , 18:18   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

What the freak? It turned rainbow again, what's worse there's no list to change the theme.. ?

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Old 06-09-2019 , 20:28   Re: AlliedModders logo ???

ITT: crying babies
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Old 06-09-2019 , 20:34   Re: AlliedModders logo ???


Originally Posted by BAILOPAN View Post
As a gay man in a committed relationship, I really appreciate asherkin taking the time to do this, as well as the positive feedback from others.

If you don't like it, well...

Too bad, fuckers, it's my world you're just living in it. Enjoy.

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