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New Idea for a script

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Old 10-21-2010 , 19:28   New Idea for a script
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hey all,

I was thinking how to turn off the hint.wav sound off completly with a script. And I know all admins and players will love this idea.

In console you type cl_hudhint_sound 0 to turn off the hint.wav "which is loacted in your sever: /cstrike/sound/ui/hint.wav"

Well players have to type cl_hudhint_sound 0 in console to turn it off and cl_hudhint_sound 1 to turn back on.

Is there a way so both sides of players and sever its turns off. Or do players have to type in cl_hudhint_sound 0 and admins delete the wav file to get rid of it?

I am asking because of this Speed Meter and the hint wav goes like crazy and gets very annoying. So all surf and slide severs own't use it because of the sheeet shheet sheettt sound over and over again.

Thanks for your time


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Old 10-21-2010 , 19:57   Re: New Idea for a script
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sv_hudhint_sound 0?
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Old 10-21-2010 , 21:37   Re: New Idea for a script
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Originally Posted by thetwistedpanda View Post
sv_hudhint_sound 0?

Cow place sv_hudhint_sound 0 in your server.cfg and it will disable the sound for everyone.
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Old 08-25-2012 , 05:12   Re: New Idea for a script
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but the errors will persist

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