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Restrict weapons on specific maps

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Old 04-10-2021 , 04:52   Restrict weapons on specific maps
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Hello. I want to take out for example botguns and AWP only from specific maps like aim_

I can restrict weapons on csdm.cfg but it's gonna turn off it on everymap.
I thought I could have 2x buy menu plugins and simply add "disabled" a plugin which allows all primary weapons on "maps" folder, for an example "plugins-aim_headshot", but a thing is csdm.cfg still allows all weapons and if I'll restrict it on csdm.cfg it will be restricted in all maps.

Any solution?
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Old 04-20-2021 , 17:02   Re: Restrict weapons on specific maps
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Use the default restmenu.amxx plugin from AMX Mod X package, and activate it only on certain maps
This will help https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Configur...ecific_Plugins
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Old 01-18-2023 , 15:39   Re: Restrict weapons on specific maps
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Exemplu: awp_bycastor32
In cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs creezi un folder gol, cu numele maps
Adaugi awp_bycastor32.cfg in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/maps
In cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/csdm creezi un folder cu numele items
Adaugi awp_bycastor32.cfg in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/csdm/items
- Un awp_bycastor32.cfg contine linia care citeste celalalt .cfg din items

csdm_reload "csdm\items\awp_bycastor32.cfg"
Celalalt awp_bycastor32.cfg contine meniu cu armele permise, in exemplu primesti armura/HE/Deagle/AWP

;Equip Menu flags:
; p - primary
; s - secondary
; a - armor
; g - grenade
; b - buy
menus = psag

;Autoitem flags:
; a - armor
; h - helmet
; g - grenades
; d - defusekit (CTs only!)
; n - nightvision
autoitems = ahg

;Grenade flags:
; f - flashbang
; h - he grenade
; s - smoke grenade
grenades = h

;Sets number of flashbangs given if
; grenades are enabled
fnadesnum = 0


;Format for weapon menus is:
;shortname "Display Name" menupage
;Change the '1' to a '0' to block the weapon
;Removing or moving things
; from the list will change the order of the menus!

deagle Deagle 1

awp AWP 1

;List weapons here the bots can randomly have
;The short name must match one in the list above

Partea mai "grea" cu aceste restrictii intervine atunci cand nu poti face restrictia tuturor mapelor awp_ in folderul items. Am luat ca
exemplu awp_bycastor32, pentru awp_zigzag, awp_map, awp_garden, awp_metro de exemplu, trebuie sa le faci restrictia in:
Mereu am testat cu CSDM 2.1.2 pe serverul de teste, posibil ca tu pe acel BUILD cu CSDM 2.1.3 sa nu ai probleme, sau la tine poate
fi invers, unde eu am restrictia in items, tu sa o ai in extraconfigs. Pana nu incerci, nu stii. Nu se intampla nimic, doar ca nu merge
restrictia + apare mesaj de avertizare in chat.
Tu incerci la orice mapa cu primul pas (items), daca nu merge restrictia o sa primesti automat in chat:
Unable to load config file...
In acest caz, o sa rezolvi restrictia urmand pasii de mai sus, dar in loc de items, alegi extraconfigs (acesta trebuie creat langa items).
Iti dau eu cateva mape cu restrictie atat in items cat si in extraconfigs, ca sa intelegi!
Dupa ce urci restrictiile, ramane doar sa iti descarci mapele, restrictiile actuale sunt pentru:
Download :http://www.mediafire.com/download/6w...TION_iNdio.rar
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