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Solved L4D2 Mod List ?

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Old 01-10-2021 , 10:18   L4D2 Mod List ?
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[Sorry for the bad English, Google Translate. : /]

Hello, good work guys.

I need a list of new mods that come with the Big Update, I couldn't find them to use;

sv_gametypes "coop, realism"
What is the list of mods? How can I find? Source?

Thank you.

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Old 01-13-2021 , 10:23   Re: L4D2 Mod List ?
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Try this
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it was me and Google Translate who did it.
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Old 01-13-2021 , 12:07   Re: L4D2 Mod List ?
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mp_gamemode coop "Campaing"
mp_gamemode realism "Realism"
mp_gamemode versus "Versus"
mp_gamemode survival "Survival"
mp_gamemode scavenge "Scavenge"
mp_gamemode mutation1 "Last Man On Earth" (Single Player)
mp_gamemode mutation2 "Headshot!" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation3 "Bleed Out" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation4 "Hard Eight" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation5 "Four Swordsmen" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation7 "Chainsaw Massacre" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation8 "Ironman" (Realism)
mp_gamemode mutation9 "Last Gnome On Earth" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation10 "Room For One" (It only works on the finale map.)
mp_gamemode mutation11 "Healthpackalypse!" (Versus)
mp_gamemode mutation12 "Realism Versus" (Versus)
mp_gamemode mutation13 "Follow the Liter" (Scavenge)
mp_gamemode mutation14 "Gib Fest" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation15 "Versus Survival" (Versus, with survival mode maps.)
mp_gamemode mutation16 "Hunting Party" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode mutation17 "Lone Gunman" (Single Player)
mp_gamemode mutation18 "Bleed Out Versus" (Versus)
mp_gamemode mutation19 "Taaannnkk!" (Versus)
mp_gamemode mutation20 "Healing Gnome" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode community1 "Special Delivery" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode community2 "Flu Season" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode community3 "Riding My Survivor" (Versus)
mp_gamemode community4 "Nightmare" (Survival)
mp_gamemode community5 "Death's Door" (Campaign)
mp_gamemode community6 "Confogl" (Versus)
mp_gamemode gunbrain
mp_gamemode l4d1coop
mp_gamemode l4d1vs
mp_gamemode holdout
mp_gamemode dash
mp_gamemode shootzones
mp_gamemode tankrun
mp_gamemode rocketdude
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