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[L4D2] Launch server with gamemode from an addon

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Old 09-13-2023 , 17:03   [L4D2] Launch server with gamemode from an addon
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I want to start server using game mode from VPK addon (let's say modename.vpk).

VPK contains typical addon info and mode files:
Most straightforward solution is to put VPK into left4dead2/addons/ and run srcds:
srcds_run -ip -game left4dead2 +sv_gametypes modename +mp_gamemode modename
But, game starts in coop mode with an error: "Invalid mp_gamemode value modename" and game starts with coop gamemode.
It probably means that addons aren't loaded by the time mp_gamemode is handled.

I need to say that VPK itself works. I use this exact addon to start this exact game mode in my local install of L4D2.
Also, if I just unpack modes/ and scripts/ content directly to left4dead2/, game starts this gamemode correctly too using command above.

Moreover, addon itself is recognized by srcds as I run show_addon_load_order:
And show_addon_metadata confirms that I indeed have such game mode:
MODE: modename         (/home/steam/srcds/left4dead2/addons/modename.vpk)
SM and MMS are installed and working.

What I also tried:
  • Put mp_gamemode modename to autoexec.cfg and server.cfg - cvar isn't visible here
  • Put sm_cvar mp_gamemode modename to autoexec.cfg - SM isn't loaded by that time
  • Put sm_cvar mp_gamemode modename to server.cfg - too late, game already started

So, what else can I do to actually use addon content in srcds?
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