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TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

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Old 11-01-2010 , 16:23   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

You changed the file. What did you do after you changed the file?
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Old 11-01-2010 , 16:46   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

i fixed the issue as i was saying my sourcemod is working off the steam_1 and the plugin has to read admins from sourcemod but the two different steam ids wouldnt matchup because this plugin's steamid was set at steam_0 so i changed them both to the steam_0:0.... and now its working although im not sure if the wording of the stats is supposed to change and if not then its working fine
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Old 11-01-2010 , 16:53   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

I see. But FYI there's no need for admin-flags if you're using a specific steam ID. It's only useful for "*" weapons. Otherwise it's redundant and breaks things like what you did.
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Old 11-01-2010 , 17:54   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Originally Posted by asherkin View Post
My post here explained why it is weird and therefore of interest.
Basically, all the colours for everything in the game is defined in the resource files. Quality 10 has a name of an entry from the scheme file defined in code, but this doesn't appear in any of the files.
The question that needs an answer is "what the hell makes the game decide it should be bright green?".
It's just interesting as it's outside of the norm, not of any particular relevance to anything.

Ahh, ok then. My fault for not understanding x.x But yeah, it is kinda odd. Now this is just a theory as to why green, but maybe valve is or was playing around with animated text by using green-screened letters and applying the animation on top of that. But then again, it could just be that green ended up as a default color if color was not defined. -shrugs- But enough from me, i probably have no clue what i am even talking about.

And as for the other things going around the thread...
•Renamed weapons have a different ID then their base versions.
•Particle effects sometimes don't appear in first person
•And as Jouva said, don't bother using admin flags on a weapon unless you want to give it to all the admins (By putting "*" rather then its steam ID)

Ps: If anyone has problems with a weapon, get a console log or window open, when the plug-in loads it will give you the steam ID that has the mistake somewhere in its weapons list.

Pss: Also, have the base weapons been mostly fixed now? Or do they still refuse to equip to the player if their level and or quality is changed?
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Old 11-01-2010 , 18:25   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Any idea what the Upgradeable_ITEM items are?
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Old 11-01-2010 , 18:28   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Any idea why I can't switch to some weapons, or why item name rarity doesn't show up when you kill someone?
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Old 11-01-2010 , 19:00   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

for those who might not have a list of the attributes are here i haven't finished the list yet but ill be updating it as i keep finishing some
Attribute List

1.damage penalty
2.damage bonus
3.clip size penalty
4.clip size bonus
5.fire rate penalty
6.fire rate bonus
7.heal rate penalty
8.heal rate bonus
9.ubercharge rate penalty
10.ubercharge rate bonus
11.overheal bonus
12.overheal decay penalty
13.overheal decay bonus
14.overheal decay disabled
15.crit mod disabled
16.heal on hit for rapidfire
17.add uber charge on hit
18.medigun charge is crit boost
19.temp dmgbuff on hit
20.crit vs burning players
21.dmg penalty vs nonburning
22.no crit vs nonburning
23.mod flamethrower push
24.mod flamethrower back crit
25.hidden secondary max ammo penalty
26.max health additive bonus
27.alt-fire disabled
28.crit mod disabled hidden
29.alt-fire is vampire
30.fists have radial buff
31.critboost on kill
32.slow enemy on hit
33.set cloak is feign death
34.mult cloak meter consume rate
35.mult cloak meter regen rate
36.spread penalty
37.hidden primary max ammo bonus
38.mod bat launches balls
39.dmg penalty vs nonstunned
40.zoom speed mod disabled
41.sniper charge per sec
42.sniper no headshots
43.scattergun no reload single
44.scattergun has knockback
45.bullets per shot bonus
46.sniper zoom penalty
47.sniper no charge
48.set cloak is movement based
49.no double jump
50.absorb damage while cloaked
51.revolver use hit locations
52.backstab shield
53.fire retardant
54.move speed penalty
55.obsolete ammo penalty
56.jarate description
57.health regen
58.self dmg push force increased
59.self dmg push force decreased
60.dmg taken from fire reduced
61.dmg taken from fire increased
62.dmg taken from crit reduced
63.dmg taken from crit increased
64.dmg taken from blast reduced
65.dmg taken from blast increased
66.dmg taken from bullets reduced
67.dmg taken from bullets increased
68.increase player capture value
69.health from healers reduced
70.health from healers increased
71.weapon burn dmg increased
72.weapon burn dmg reduced
73.weapon burn time increased
74.weapon burn time reduced
75.aiming movespeed increased
76.maxammo primary increased
77.maxammo primary reduced
78.maxammo secondary increased
79.maxammo secondary reduced
80.maxammo metal increased
81.maxammo metal reduced
82.cloak consume rate increased
83.cloak consume rate decreased
84.cloak regen rate increased
85.cloak regen rate decreased
86.minigun spinup time increased
87.minigun spinup time decreased
88.max pipebombs increased
89.max pipebombs decreased
90.SRifle Charge rate increased
91.SRifle Charge rate decreased
92.Construction rate increased
93.Construction rate decreased
94.Repair rate increased
95.Repair rate decreased
96.Reload time increased
97.Reload time decreased
98.selfdmg on hit for rapidfire
99.Blast radius increased
100.Blast radius decreased
101.Projectile range increased
102.Projectile range decreased
103.Projectile speed increased
104.Projectile speed decreased
105.overheal penalty
106.weapon spread bonus
107.move speed bonus
108.health from packs increased
109.health from packs decreased
110.heal on hit for slowfire
111.selfdmg on hit for slowfire
112.ammo regen
113.metal regen
114.mod mini-crit airborne
115.mod shovel damage boost
116.mod soldier buff type
117.dmg falloff increased
118.dmg falloff decreased
119.sticky detonate mode
120.sticky arm time penalty
121.stickies detonate stickies
122.mod demo buff type
123.speed boost when active
124.mod wrench builds minisentry
125.max health additive penalty
126.sticky arm time bonus
127.sticky air burst mode
128.provide on active
129.health drain
130.medic regen bonus
131.medic regen penalty
132.community description
133.soldier model index
134.attach particle effect
135.rocket jump damage reduction
136.mod sentry killed revenge
137.dmg bonus vs buildings
138.dmg penalty vs players
139.lunchbox adds maxhealth bonus
140.hidden maxhealth non buffed
141.selfmade description
142.set item tint RGB
143.custom employee number
144.lunchbox adds minicrits
146.damage applies to sappers
147.Wrench index
148.building cost reduction
149.bleeding duration
150.turn to gold
153.cannot trade
154.disguise on backstab
155.cannot disguise
156.silent killer
157.disguise speed penalty
158.add cloak on kill
159.cloak blink time penalty
160.quiet unstealth
161.flame size penalty
162.flame size bonus
163.flame life penalty
164.flame life bonus
165.charged airblast
166.add cloak on hit
167.disguise damage reduction
168.disguise no burn
169.dmg from sentry reduced
170.airblast cost increased
171.airblast cost decreased
173.flame ammopersec increased
174.flame ammopersec decreased
175.jarate duration
176.no death from headshots
177.deploy time increased
178.deploy time decreased
179.minicrits become crits
180.heal on kill
181.no self blast dmg
182.slow enemy on hit major
183.aiming movespeed decreased
184.duel loser account id
185.event date
186.gifter account id
187.set supply crate series
188.preserve ubercharge
189.elevate quality
190.active health regen
191.active health degen
192.referenced item id low
193.referenced item id high
194.referenced item def
195.always tradable
196.noise maker
197.halloween item
type the number exactly as u see it next to the name as there are some items that do skip some digits

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Old 11-01-2010 , 19:38   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Additionally, I wonder if it's possible to hook when the player respawns, find the entity displaying the particle, and apply a different particle graphic... That would be a really cool part of this plugin...
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Old 11-01-2010 , 20:54   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Originally Posted by Thraka View Post
Any idea what the Upgradeable_ITEM items are?
When you rename a default weapon it gives you another weapon witch is the upgradable version
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Old 11-01-2010 , 21:04   Re: TF2Items - Items with custom attributes.

Ahh so if I want to give everyone with a wrench a glow effect, anyone who has named their wrench will not have it unless I also include the upgradable wrench ID.
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