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[L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded

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Old 03-25-2012 , 15:07   Re: [L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded
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Originally Posted by trollhater View Post
Yeppur, I have o bound to fortspawner's save command. f3 is bound to iammo (sometimes the team you play with is really that bad in coop lol). I guess 3 or 4 peeps saying this is a bad idea sounds like idle gossip and balderdash to you Marcus. The .sp has this plugin's menu command still bound to f3. Shame shame. Will have to remove and compile myself, I guess. Most folks have no idea how to do that, however. Do you really think with a simple menu based plugin like this server owners should have to learn how to compile? I don't think they should. Also, I concur with disawar that the bind command in a plugin doesn't work in L4D2, but I am removing it anyway.
Bind is removed, if you look in the code:


This comments out the code. SO nothing will be binded.
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Old 04-06-2012 , 03:05   Re: [L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded
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1. I wanted to comment on how terrific your first post's layout is. Clear and concise, something quite rare in terms of fully explaining a plugin's functions in one short setting.

2. I haven't had the chance to implement this yet, but will do so tomorrow and provide some feedback on how players react to it.
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Old 02-20-2016 , 20:31   Re: [L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded
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Is there a reason this plugin is not approved?

As a reason for not being approved, it is written "No plugin attached. Author banned". But the plugin is attached, and none of the authors are banned.

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Old 04-26-2018 , 09:07   Re: [L4D(2)] Human Director Reloaded
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Is it possible to make it so you can spawn Commons and Rushing Commons for just (1) point like in the old Human Director plugin?

Unless it's already implemented, cuz im using a version i downloaded about 1 year ago.
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