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    Old 05-21-2020 , 05:33   [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    [CSGO] FACEIT Level

    Hello, this is not a plugin which I have made, I am just releasing it on behalf of a friend (https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=242083).

    With this plugin installed it will display players FACEIT level on the scoreboard by making an API request using SteamWorks.

    • sm_faceit_level_api_key (See below)

    Instructions for getting an API key (Hopefully the translation is correct)
    1. Go to the site: https://developers.faceit.com/
    2. In the extreme upper right corner click on Login button
    3. Log in under your faceit account
    4. Register your company (server project) (website is optional) - > Click on the Submit button>
    5. Click on the Create new app button
    6. Enter the application data (you don't need to specify the Website)
    7. Go to the API Keys tab
    8. Click on the button +
    9. Select Client side
    10. Done. Copy it from the Key field and paste it into the config file which is generated at first plugin load. (cfg/sourcemod/faceit_level.cfg)
    SteamWorks is required on your game server and the include is required for compiling so I have attached an SMX which I compiled against SM 1.10 ( build 6488 )

    if you wish to compile it yourself I recommend using the updated syntax here.

    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (faceit_level.sp - 612 views - 4.4 KB)
    File Type: smx faceit_level.smx (6.0 KB, 923 views)
    File Type: zip Faceit_Level.zip (119.1 KB, 1449 views)

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    Old 05-22-2020 , 10:22   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    wer is pliks cfg?
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    Old 05-31-2020 , 18:12   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    Awesome, thanks.

    Works like a charm.

    Can you specify if we need to create one API key for each gameserver, or if all gameservers can run on the same API key?
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    Old 06-01-2020 , 18:01   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    this is a good plugin but i think it will make some players not confortable if they have a little faceit rank and they will likely leave the server? just my guess, thats why i still didnt install it, although i think of instaling it, someday :- D
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    Old 06-02-2020 , 07:30   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    it works,thank you
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    Old 06-02-2020 , 08:47   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    Doesn't work for me , can you help ?
    EDIT : Problem solved , i did not had steamworks files in server , http://users.alliedmods.net/~kyles/builds/SteamWorks/

    Last edited by lemmon_cs; 06-02-2020 at 11:08.
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    Old 06-03-2020 , 14:47   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    I have suggestion:

    Make optional whitelist for certain levels of faceit etc only 4-6 lvls can join server
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    Old 06-04-2020 , 00:32   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    You could create one that shows the gamersclub level as well
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    Old 06-23-2020 , 13:02   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    Hello! I've seen the plugin on a server and it looks nice. I want to use it for mine as well but I was wondering if this plugin can get or GSLT Banned (Token)?

    If that's the case maybe you can say somewhere there as a warning. If not I'll use it gladly. Thanks man!

    What should not be offered on community servers?
    If a server provides any of the following services we ask that you disable them:

    Services providing a falsified competitive skill group and/or profile rank status or scoreboard coin (Operation Challenge Coins).
    Source - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_...heir%20servers.
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    Old 07-28-2020 , 16:11   Re: [CSGO] FACEIT Level
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    Originally Posted by biielzk View Post

    You could create one that shows the gamersclub level as well
    probably way too niche as its a brazilian site so you're probably better off trying to make it by yourself
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