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server fps drops at 20+ players

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Old 03-30-2021 , 15:35   server fps drops at 20+ players
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When i get 20 or more players server starts lagging

my startup
@echo off
title StartUp
echo (%time%) HLDS Started...
reg add "HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam\ActiveProcess" /v SteamClientDll /t REG_SZ /d "" /f
start /wait hlds.exe -console -game cstrike -master -pingboost 3 -noipx +map zm_foda +maxplayers 32 +port 27015
echo n| goto hlds
echo (%time%) HLDS Crashed, restarting...
goto hlds
my server.cfg
// The server hostname
hostname ""
rcon_password ""

// The max ammount of time (in minutes) a map is played
mp_timelimit "40"

// The ammount of money a player receives on first round
mp_startmoney "3600"

// How many seconds the players wait within freezetime ?
mp_freezetime "0"

// Round time limit (in minutes)
mp_roundtime "6"

// Disable friendlyfire
mp_friendlyfire "0"

// Auto ballance teams
mp_autoteambalance "1"

mp_flashlight "1"

// Player ID
mp_playerid "1"

sv_cheats "0"
sv_aim "0"
pausable "0"
sv_maxspeed "320"
sv_lan "0"
sv_minrate "0"
sv_maxrate "0"
sv_maxupdaterate "102"
sv_minupdaterate "66"
rate 100000
sv_region "255"
sv_proxies "1"
mp_autokick "0"
mp_chattime "0"
sv_timeout "60"
sys_ticrate "10000"
fps_max "10000"
sv_contact "[email protected]"

dmap_mapsurl "http://www.17buddies.net/"
dmap_mapsnum 7
dmap_quietmode "OFF"
dmap_rtvpercent 57
dmap_rtvwait 1
dmap_banlastmaps 2
dmap_messages 7
dmap_nominations 2
dmap_strict 0
enforce_timelimit 0
emptymap_allowed 0
amx_emptymap "zm_alive_house"

mapchangecfgfile server.cfg

mp_autokick 0

cl_playerspraydisable 0
sv_send_logos 0
decalfrequency 60
Im using mm timer but how can i put it in insane mode?
I use a vps
Intel xeon cpu e5-2680 2.80ghz
4gb ram

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Celena Luna
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Old 04-01-2021 , 22:37   Re: server fps drops at 20+ players
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it could be something about server update rate.
That all I can say
My plugin:

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Old 04-02-2021 , 03:41   Re: server fps drops at 20+ players
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sv_minrate 55000
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