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Need help with my CS1.6 server. Will pay $$$

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Old 03-13-2021 , 22:08   Need help with my CS1.6 server. Will pay $$$
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Hello, I need help with my CS 1.6 PUG server. Server is through NFO, and I am not very skilled in this aspect. I paid someone in the past to set it up for me, and I am unable to get ahold of them to resolve this issue I continue to have. If this is anything you'd be interested in, please send me a message, and I would gladly pay you for your time and services. This is the error it throws in the console after the server crashes. This does not happen every time. Can use it 100 times in a row and works just fine, then all of a sudden it will continue to crash over and over again, and magically goes away on its own. PLEASE someone help me!

Error: server failed to transmit file 'AY&SY*********i*********'
Last 32 messages parsed.
109259 0008 svc_time
109259 0013 svc_clientdata
109259 0018 svc_deltapacketentities
109259 0034 svc_pings
109261 0008 svc_time
109261 0013 svc_clientdata
109261 0018 svc_deltapacketentities
109261 0034 svc_pings
109262 0008 svc_time
109262 0013 svc_clientdata
109262 0018 svc_deltapacketentities
109262 0034 svc_pings
109263 0018 svc_time
109263 0023 svc_clientdata
109263 0028 svc_deltapacketentities
109263 0044 svc_pings
109263 0000 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 0210 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 0432 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 0622 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 0824 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 1038 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 1264 Train
109263 1266 AmmoX
109263 1269 CurWeapon
109263 1273 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 1425 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 1663 svc_updateuserinfo
109263 1913 CurWeapon
109263 1917 CurWeapon
109263 1921 svc_filetxferfailed
BAD: 1932:svc_bad
Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad

Message me on here or contact me via email. [email protected]
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Old 03-14-2021 , 08:33   Re: Need help with my CS1.6 server. Will pay $$$
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The problem is from a plugin. That's all I can say with the information you provided.

Dear admins. If somehow you managed to read this, plz fix.
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