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Why isn't there a decent AC Client/Server

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Old 05-01-2020 , 22:16   Why isn't there a decent AC Client/Server
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Hello, I have been working on a project for the last 6 months to build something similar but different to faceit. 5v5 games and you know what that means? Yeah, what about the cheaters? Who would play in my platform that may be full of cheaters instead of wasting the time in faceit servers when they have a client-side AC.

How it's possible Valve don't create a client-side anti-cheat and give us the option to server owners to decide if we want to use it or not in our servers...

How it's possible in 05/2020 there's any client-side anti-cheat company offering some kind of "contract" to use their anti-cheat in our servers...

I have sent an email to Easy AC to see if it would be possible to use their AC
I have sent an email to BattleEye to see if it would be possible to use their AC too

And no one of them answered. FaceIT/ESEA running a decent anti-cheat that I know very well it's not perfect and never would be, but at least PREVENTS and BANS the very obvious cheaters and that's what players are looking for but NOT FALSE POSITIVES as I have seen with the server-sided AC.

What would you do in my situation?
That was the first issue I have thought in when started this project and always been thinking about this while advancing the app.

HLTV is not enough, we can always check a demo and ban a user but the presence of a real-time ban is the most important factor when you run a serious cs go server.

Valve should have fixed this shit problem in 1.6 but you know what? They would never change this. They win money banning accounts and forcing cheaters to buy new ones

Prime price is a joke, you can get banned and play in a different account in the next 2 minutes.

I'm so frustrated right now and I don't know if using SMAC [email protected] or Cow AC plugin or they are just out-dated, or kill myself, or just delete everything and hands up with this game

PS: About "decent" what I want to mean is an effective-working, I know COW or SMAC did a crazy work there with their plugins

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

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Old 05-05-2020 , 22:51   Re: Why isn't there a decent AC Client/Server
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This is actually something I have been worked on in the past, I plan to continue to work on it soon. I will post here and let everyone know when it's completed. Trying to make it as bullet proof as possible, it has a long way to go.
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