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Solved Change sprite/decal image size

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Old 01-22-2020 , 23:19   Change sprite/decal image size
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Hello, Im trying to spawn an .vtf image that have 1024x1024 resolution, I can't make it 512x512 or lower because text starts being unreadeable.
In first, I tryed to use env_sprite_oriented:
void spray(float vOrigin[3], float vAng[3], String:spray_model[], String:scale[])
	newsprite = CreateEntityByName("env_sprite_oriented");
        DispatchKeyValue(sprite, "spawnflags", "1");
        DispatchKeyValue(sprite, "rendermode", "1");
	DispatchKeyValue(sprite, "model", spray_model);
	DispatchKeyValue(sprite, "rendercolor", "70 70 70 255");
         DispatchKeyValue(sprite, "scale", scale);
	TeleportEntity(sprite, vOrigin, vAng, NULL_VECTOR);
I can change the scale, but I can't make image smaller than 0.3. This is my vmt:

	"$spriteorientation" "oriented"
	"$spriteorigin" "[ 0.50 0.50 ]"
	"$basetexture" "vgui/logos/1"
	"$selfillum"  "0"
	"$selfillumtint" "[0 0 0]"
	"$color" "{0 0 0}"
	"$color2" "{0 0 0}"
	"$alpha" "0.5"
	"$notint" "1"
//I tryed to change $scale but it works just like my scale function in .sp.
I also tryed to make TE decals like this:
TE_Start("BSP Decal");
with this .vmt:
	"$basetexture" "vgui/logos/1"
	"$decal" "1"
        "$translucent" "1"
        "$decalscale" "0.10000"
And this is just what I need, $decalscale works prefect. but I cant delete it. I mean, I want to try make images listable, I can place new decal on previous, but I think I should delete previous and clear memory...maybe I'm wrong.
So all that Im looking for - is how to make image ingame that I can make small enough. And remove it when I want.

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Old 01-25-2020 , 10:14   Re: Change sprite/decal image size
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Solved, I start using World Decal, instead of "BSP Decal". It has decal limit like bulletholes (I dont know if bsp decal has) and it can be cleared with r_cleardecal (sad, that I can't execute it serverside). I also can "clear" Image with placing a new one upside previous.
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