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Only some poeple can join my server

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Old 09-12-2018 , 10:54   Only some poeple can join my server
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I'm running a TF2 server with sourcebans++ running on it. After updating some stuff i found that only some poeple could my server whilst others would time out after 4 retries. The poeple that can join appear to random as some admins can join whilst others will just timeout. However then they do timeout it does not even appear in console that they attempted to join. What could be the cause of this, did I change some setting by accident?
My sourcebans website can easily ping the gameserver and can communicate with it. Yet people cannot join and cannot find the server at all as if it was offline.


it says its online but poeple struggle to join it

assert_20180912135707_11.dmp[13837]: Finished uploading minidump (out-of-process): success = no
assert_20180912135707_11.dmp[13837]: error: Couldn't connect to server
assert_20180912135707_11.dmp[13837]: file ''/tmp/dumps/assert_20180912135707_11.dmp'', upload no: ''Couldn't connect to server''

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