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How to compile .sp files

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Old 06-16-2020 , 00:00   How to compile .sp files
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Hi Guys, im from brazil, so sorry for my poor english!

I'm trying to modificate some .sp files, in specific the liveon3.sp file em pugsetup folder...
but when i try to compile, there is a load off "undefined symbols" it looks like it is missing other files,
so as a result it does not compile and almost all lines of the code has errors.
i think there is an hierarchy to compile an .sp file but i dont understand what files to join and compile

Could someone teach me how to do it? i need to understand the synthax

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Old 06-16-2020 , 00:09   Re: How to compile .sp files
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Moved to source mod
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Old 06-16-2020 , 06:52   Re: How to compile .sp files
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What are you using to edit the files? SPEdit, Notepad?
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Old 06-16-2020 , 09:16   Re: How to compile .sp files
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Hi Saki, usually this error means that the variable does not exist. Maybe you have a mismatched "{" , "} ". Is easier to help if you could attach the .sp file.



Bom dia querido, isso ai geralmente significa que a variavel não está declarada, ou porque você não colocou um #include necessário ou porque está sem mesmo.

Se você quiser testar, coloca algo tipo assim no começo do código

int g_GameState;

Ai você vai ver que o warning some, provavelmente está faltando as variaveis ou você fechou o código com alguma chave "{" / "}" incorreta,

O pessoal consegue te ajudar melhor se você postar o código do ".sp" aqui.

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Old 07-27-2020 , 16:08   Re: How to compile .sp files
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Heys Guys thanks alot for all your help!
I have discovered the problem, I wanted to compile PUGSETUP, but there is an hierarchy that i have to respect, and include files!

Thanks again for the help!
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