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Solved [L4D2]About some event

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Old 08-09-2022 , 06:49   [L4D2]About some event
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so i have tested round_end event and OnMapEnd function.

1.If all players die in one chapter,only round_end will trigger.

2.If players change map in the half of the chapter,only OnMapEnd will trigger.

3.If players finish one chapter,both of these will trigger.

but what about this event: map_transition

it looks like trigger in the end of every chapter,but it seems that incorrectly happen in the last chapter.
Althoght WIKI say that "When campaign cinematics start",i dont know what is the "campaign cinematics".

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Old 08-09-2022 , 09:52   Re: [L4D2]About some event
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I only see the "map_transition" event trigger when the server is switching to the next map within the same campaign, like from c1m1 to c1m2. If the server switches to a map from a different campaign, it won't trigger.
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Old 08-09-2022 , 12:01   Re: [L4D2]About some event
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PHP Code:
//trigger twice in versus mode, one when all survivors wipe out or make it to saferom, one when first round ends (second round_start begins).
HookEvent("round_end",            Event_RoundEnd);

//all survivors make it to saferoom, and server is about to change next level in coop mode (does not trigger round_end) 

//all survivors wipe out in coop mode (also triggers round_end)

//final map final rescue vehicle leaving  (does not trigger round_end)

//trigger when map change

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Old 08-16-2022 , 13:58   Re: [L4D2]About some event
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