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Old 03-26-2020 , 08:12   csx_easy_stats
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english language? thx

TEST_1 = В тело
TEST_2 = B гoлoву
TEST_3 = B гpудь
TEST_4 = B живoт
TEST_5 = B лeвую pуку
TEST_6 = B пpaвую pуку
TEST_7 = B лeвую нoгу
TEST_8 = B пpaвую нoгу

TEST_9 = Тушка
TEST_10 = Башня
TEST_11 = Сиськи
TEST_12 = Брюхо
TEST_13 = Л. клешня
TEST_14 = П. клешня
TEST_15 = Л. костыль
TEST_16 = П. костыль

TEST_17 = Топ по урону за раунд
TEST_18 = Вы помогли %s убить %s нанеся %d dmg
TEST_19 = Вы нанесли %d урона
TEST_20 = Вы ни в кого не попали!
TEST_21 = Вас убил %s [%dHP/%dAP] с %d метров
TEST_22 = Вас убил %s с расстояния %d метров. У него осталось %dHP и %dAP
TEST_23 = Вас никто не убивал!
TEST_24 = Нет данных!
TEST_25 = Вы занимаете %d-е место из %d, убив %d, попав %d раз [Эфф %.2f% | АКК %.2f% | Скилл %s | Ассистов %d]
TEST_26 = Oбщaя cтaтистикa игpoкa
TEST_27 = Вы нa %d-oм мecтe из %d
TEST_28 = Убито<td>%d (в гoлoву: %d)
TEST_29 = Ассистов
TEST_30 = Cмepтeй
TEST_31 = Пoпaдaний
TEST_32 = Bыcтpeлoв
TEST_33 = Уpoн
TEST_34 = Toчнocть
TEST_35 = Эффeктивнocть
TEST_36 = Cкилл
TEST_37 = Cтaтиcтикa пoпaдaний
TEST_38 = Ваш счет успешно обнулен!
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Old 01-05-2023 , 08:48   Re: csx_easy_stats
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Here You Go Mate!.
TEST_1 = In the body
TEST_2 = In the head
TEST_3 = In the chest
TEST_4 = In the stomach
TEST_5 = In the left arm
TEST_6 = In the right arm
TEST_7 = In the left leg
TEST_8 = In the right leg

TEST_9 = Torso
TEST_10 = Tower
TEST_11 = Breasts
TEST_12 = Stomach
TEST_13 = L. claw
TEST_14 = R. claw
TEST_15 = L. crutch
TEST_16 = R. crutch

TEST_17 = Damage leaderboard for the round
TEST_18 = You helped %s kill %s by dealing %d damage
TEST_19 = You dealt %d damage
TEST_20 = You missed everything!
TEST_21 = You were killed by %s [%dHP/%dAP] from %d meters away
TEST_22 = You were killed by %s from a distance of %d meters. They had %dHP and %dAP left
TEST_23 = No one killed you!
TEST_24 = No data available!
TEST_25 = You are in %d place out of %d, killing %d, hitting %d times [Eff %.2f% | ACC %.2f% | Skill %s | Assists %d]
TEST_26 = Player's overall stats
TEST_27 = You are in %d place out of %d
TEST_28 = Killed<td>%d (in the head: %d)
TEST_29 = Assists
TEST_30 = Deaths
TEST_31 = Hits
TEST_32 = Shots
TEST_33 = Damage
TEST_34 = Accuracy
TEST_35 = Efficiency
TEST_36 = Skill
TEST_37 = Hit statistics
TEST_38 = Your score has been successfully reset!
No Steam = No Support.
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