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If you are posting a BM thread, READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD

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Old 04-06-2010 , 16:20   If you are posting a BM thread, READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD

the title says it all
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Old 04-06-2010 , 16:42   Re: necros blockmaker w/poles

Are you fucking serious? You just posted an entire thread on the plugin, and you make ANOTHER post without reasoning? That's absolutely ludicrous and makes no sense.

Moreover, I highly doubt you coded a single line, and rather just copy / pasted code in to the default blockmaker from other custom ones. Patching together a blockmaker is nothing and should not ever be released unless it far surpasses the limitations of the other already "not released but posted here anyway" blockmakers. Keep it to yourself next time.
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Old 04-06-2010 , 16:46   If you are posting a BM thread, READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD

Okay, I am sick of this.

Post in the fucking original plugins thread until we get a sub forum for this. I am sick of seeing people post BM edits in the Suggestions/Request board.

This thread is now locked and stickied so I can have something to reference to when I lock other threads. If you are posting a BM edit that is only adding new blocks or something to the menu, then post it in the original plugins thread. If you make a new thread in this section, I will lock your thread with a link to this post. Once dvander agrees to creating a sub-forum for BM, ALL BM requests and edits will be posted there and nowhere else.
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