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Client Side Metamod

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Twilight Suzuka
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Old 01-22-2006 , 09:29   Client Side Metamod
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Ever wanted to have real control over a clients HUD, to set up actual games for dead players to play, to just screw around with the client for a while?

With Cl_metamod module, this will be a reality.

cl_metamod works by injecting a .dll into the clients memory, then hooking it, just like a hack. Once hooked, the .dll sends/receives information to and from the server through a variety of methods, mostly commands (slow but reliable).

When cl_metamod module functions are used, all clients will be forced to use cl_metamod, and will be disconnected if they do not run it, in a fashion similar to CD.

As it is an injection type method, it qualifies as a hack, and thus your server cannot be VAC secured. Making a VAC secured server with this module will result in a crash, to protect players.

This project is a three step process:
1. Injector
2. Injected .dll
3. Server-side receiver

Currently the first step is completed, and may be downloaded below.

The injector serves as a relay, waiting until the mod of your choosing starts, then injecting the .dll into the mod in a reliable fashion.

The .dll hooks the right things and relays info to the server side receiver, and receives info from it.

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