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Why 'warning 213: tag mismatch enum?'

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Old 10-10-2018 , 12:21   Why 'warning 213: tag mismatch enum?'
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I have the following code:
HTML Code:
enum L4DW_WeaponSlot {
	L4DW_WeaponSlot_None = -1,
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_Primary = 0,
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_Secondary = 1,
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_Throwable = 2,
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_HeavyHealthItem = 3,
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_LightHealthItem = 4

enum L4DW_WeaponId {
    WEPID_NONE,             // 0
    WEPID_PISTOL,           // 1
    WEPID_SMG,              // 2

L4DW_WeaponSlot WeaponSlots[L4DW_WeaponId] = {
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_None,				// WEPID_NONE       waring starts here
    L4DW_WeaponSlot_Secondary,			// WEPID_PISTOL

It is supposed to make a constant list of enums, I don't know why the compiler generate the warning message 'warning 213: tag mismatch enum?' ? I get warning on every line in L4DW_WeaponSlot WeaponSlots[L4DW_WeaponId]. How can I get rid of this warning?

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Old 10-10-2018 , 18:28   Re: Why 'warning 213: tag mismatch enum?'
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When you use an enum value to index an array, it expects that value's tag to be the tag of the thing you're putting into the array. Here's an example:

PHP Code:
enum enumStructsAreBad {

If you try to assign to stupidStruct[aFloat] then it's going to want a float. In your code, you're giving it a L4DW_WeaponSlot where it wants an int.

You can view_as every assignment, tag every value in the enum, or make the first letter of L4DW_WeaponSlot lowercase so it's a weak tag.
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