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Introduction (8 years later) & Server Advertisement

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Old 03-13-2015 , 18:18   Introduction (8 years later) & Server Advertisement
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Short Story - Server Advertisement:

Started an server hosting SuperHero Mod.
  • 20 levels (Start at lv10)
  • Mostly nipper, mixed with serious and not so serious maps
  • No no-clipping!
  • Attempted to balanced
  • Relatively easy to level up
  • Decent amount of heroes
  • Regular rounds - No quick start - Regular freeze time

I really dislike most superhero servers due to a few different reasons, spammed with heroes, admins giving levels and high level people who just cannot be killed.

I've been trying to make it balanced. Newcomers should not have much of an issue killing people who played for some time and people who been playing should still feel satisfied of the rewards they get from leveling up.

So just to make this clear, you won't see people no-clipping around invisible shooting you with their knife on my server! If that is what you want, just choose any other server.

Long Story and Introduction

Hello! My name is Tobias.
I usually refer and like to be called Tobe online.

I come from norther Sweden.

I've been a member of this forum for quite some time, but barely been active.
I registered here after the shmod server I were playing on shut down, I wanted to create my own. So I did. Surprisingly me and my friend who were really addicted to this mod at the time managed to create an server! It feels like we were so young... but I mean, it has only been about 8 years.
(I assure you, you will have a laugh reading my old posts on this forum. Such terrible English!)

Due to nostalgia I decided to start a new server just for fun. Only thing that is sad, is how at the peak we managed to get about 8 people playing. That was real fun but you know, the more the merrier.

Therefor I decided to at least introduce myself and my server to this community, or at least to those who are still active around here. So, Hello!

I want to keep it fair and friendly to new players. There is not an buttload of heroes on it, you don't have super high health or armor. You can't noclip, shoot with your knife and kill half the server in a few seconds. Unless you are only two people on, I guess you can kill 50% of the server pretty quickly in that situation.

But yet, I want people to be rewarded for spending time leveling up on my server so that thin line of balancing the two is hopefully balanced. But I might be wrong since I have not wanted to give myself levels. But balancing will be done if/when it is required.

Unrelated story (If you are still reading)

The first server me and my friend ran was running SuperHero Mod in Condition Zero!
Sometime after that was quit playing it and pretty much went on to play Garry's Mod.

Sometime after we made and DarkRP server and an Counter Strike Source server. It still amaze me how we managed to get both servers and an forum running. I can barely remember those days, Obviously those two shut down after just a few months.

Later back in 2013 when we actually knew a lot more, we decided to start another Garry's Mod server running Trouble in Terrorist Town. We actually started getting quite an steady playerbase so we decided to make an community. It went on to reach about 700 members on it's 1 year anniversary. We ran several servers in a few different games. But like most bigger communities ddos'ing became an problem, after heavy discussing between me, my friend and the staff we decided to shut down. Now all that is left is an dying Steam group.

I do have quite some experience running servers, communities and pretty decent at management I guess.

These days I work quite a lot, which I like doing. I love my job and the people I work with. So you won't see me online all the time, because I prioritize both job, friends and generally my life before this.

I hope I made at least an decent introduction, only a few years late. Hopefully I will see some of you on the server, helping me balance things out or just enjoy a few rounds of good old 1.6 with me.

Add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/McTobe if you feel like playing or just talking.

If you still are reading, Thanks for reading!

Ps. Don't judge me for my previous posts and topics.

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Old 03-20-2015 , 07:36   Re: Introduction (8 years later) & Server Advertisement
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I didnt mind SuperHero Mod when i used to play CS, I might checkout your server one day.

For now heres your server status under my Monitor

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