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Super Hero Module 2.001a

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Never Fall Asleep
Join Date: Jan 2004
Old 05-13-2006 , 08:36  

i didnt understand 1 thing you said
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Join Date: May 2006
Old 05-13-2006 , 08:42  

Originally Posted by Freecode
i didnt understand 1 thing you said
ok, USMARINES works with your 2.001 mod. it wasn't in the install zip on page one.

and nevermind the rest of that. I installed your BETA mod, saw too many flaws(and I know it's a beta it has flaws). I have read and seen that all the flaws I found have been addressed and I am sure will be fixed. Until then, I am uninstalling your mod until it supports more heros and the minor bugs are fixed. Because as far as I could tell, your mod is great.
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Old 05-13-2006 , 13:46  

ozzy, stick with the regular version of sh mod instead of the module one (mainly cause it's in beta). And jtp was in his right, I would have said the same thing. We are only a plugin, we are not a forum to teach how to run a server or how to use amxmodx. There are forums/documentation for that stuff that quiet frankly people should know before even coming here. One of the reasons I never get anything done is cause I gotta help all these 14 year olds how to run a damn server because they canít be bothered to try to figure it out. But people aren't smart enough to ask questions in the right places or be self reliant and search for answers on there own. And I really don't feel like explaining how to enable a module 400 times. Now Iím not bashing you Iím just trying to explain where we are coming from.

and before you go thinking that you need this module version to run the mod for some reason I'm assuming this is why - http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=35918 (almost all heroes that are for the module can be found for the regular version of SH)
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Join Date: May 2006
Old 05-13-2006 , 23:36  

Originally Posted by vittu
ozzy, stick with the regular version of sh mod instead of the module one
1.) That's what I was saying in mai last statment. I am sticking to the regular heromod, BUT I am ancious for the final release to try it out.

2.) Dude, no offense taken. I understand fully where you are coming from. I get questions from 12-15 yo's asking me how to enable things, and I even send them to the amxx forums. Quite frankly, I have just started to learn how to do this. Google is a great resource. And in a week I have progressed(I think) very much. I am learning (with slow progress) how to edit sma files to get mai desired results. I use this forum in cunjunction with amxx's forum to progress to a higher level, just.. some things still stump me.

3.) I have even come up with a new Idea for a plugin/module/hero, not sure which way it should go. I need to talk to freecode when he is free to speak for a minute.

4.) And to clear the air from any flammers that might happen to read this and think I am a pi$$ant [as I have read them call people], I love this forum/vittu/freecode/jtp/123/<and all the plugin staff> for, if it wasn't for them, I would still be trying to figure out how/where to add plugins to make them work.
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Old 06-11-2006 , 18:41  

Okay, I know i'm a noob, but I have to know what is this server.cfg all are talking about all the time? Where can I find it?
I'm the biggest Noob ever!
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D o o m
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Old 06-18-2006 , 09:13  

.../steam/counter strike/cstrike/server.cfg
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Old 07-15-2006 , 05:01   Re: Super Hero Module 2.001a

Originally Posted by D o o m
.../steam/counter strike/cstrike/server.cfg
I believe its .../steam/dedicated server/cstrike/server.cfg on real servers, and I also believe that if you're running a listenserver that you should add this into your listenserver.cfg:

exec server.cfg
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Old 01-14-2007 , 17:41   Re: Super Hero Module 2.001a

Does someone mind posting a code with all the .amxx files this module comes wiht cause all mine are missed in with my other plugins thx
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