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Crash while using Spiderman's Hook ability

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Old 10-13-2006 , 16:12   Crash while using Spiderman's Hook ability

It seems that every once in a while when I swing on Spiderman's hook my game just exists... like I just hit Alt+F4 or something.

It seems to only happen when I'm swinging forward in a pretty fast manner. I haven't been playing this mod for very long so I don't know exactly what details you need for me to post so we can figure this out...

I am using this mod on my own Listen Server with POD bots.

I downloaded the Auto-Installer from http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=31012 For my install and I'm using the regular superhero files... not the Module version.

Here is the code from my shconfig.cfg, although this was happening before I changed the speeds.

spiderman_level 0
spiderman_moveacc 550            //How quickly he can move while on the hook
spiderman_reelspeed 450            //How fast hook line reels in
spiderman_hookstyle 2            //1=spacedude, 2=spacedude auto reel (spiderman), 3=cheap kids real    (batgirl)
spiderman_teamcolored 1            //1=teamcolored web lines 0=white web lines
spiderman_maxhooks 80            //Max ammout of hooks allowed (-1 is an unlimited ammount)
I'd be happy to post any other information I need to, just let me know!


Edit: I've been testing and I'm having trouble getting it to crash without the bots in the server.. seems it only happens when the bots are playing as well. My computer is definitely able to handle the game though so I don't think it's from lack of pc resources. Anyone ever had this happen?

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Old 10-13-2006 , 18:30   Re: Crash while using Spiderman's Hook ability

Its kinda hard to debug on a listen server. Check the logs for any errors. Or host a dedicated lan server and check the server console for any errors.
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