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Official SVC_BAD Thread

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Join Date: Jul 2006
Old 07-24-2006 , 12:40   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

so basically what if you get a good server provider that is able to send out the data with a good speed

ya i think it can be a problem at the end user or at the provider
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Old 07-27-2006 , 06:58   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

I got a tool which I developed but anyway:

Message Tracer Started:
1) Bot Connected
2) Joined Terrorist
3) Got Glock18
4) Got Knife
5) Got Bomb
6) Bot Disconnected
Message Tracer Ended

148 messages was sent during that brief time (I can't believe I just counted them)
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Old 09-10-2006 , 13:58   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

i got this message on my 24/7 linux server not HLDs
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Old 09-22-2006 , 21:18   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

I don't realy post here a lot, but I have found many things here very usefull. I have written several plugins of my own now and have them running on a public server that many people join. I have noticed this problem occouring mainly when using cs_set_user_model command.
Ive added cvars to use, or not to use the custom player models in a larger plugin that I am working on, When I enable custom models on just the terror team, it is fine. If I enable them on just the CT team, it is still fine. But if I try to enable them both at the same time, it usualy lasts about two rounds and then everyone is kicked.
I thought that maby I could try setting them at different times instead of flooding the server with many model changes at once. I manualy set the models of people one by one using another plugin I made, and specificaly made sure that it didn't do anything to the models after they were set (like how some plugins (csumz) reset models on spawn/death/huddraw), and it still gave the same error.
Maby im left in the dark on this, because I don't see everyone complaning about this, and ive seen some servers (superhero) that have tones of different custom models that don't get this error.
Has anyone thought up a way to work around this problem? Ive tried the cl_dlmax plugin, but it doesent do much (what does cl_dlmax do by the way?). Anyways, I will be converting to a linux server shortly, since I am currently on a windows server. Hopefully its just a windows problem?....

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Old 09-23-2006 , 05:45   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

u forgot client_prethink i put that in and it worked and i put cl_dlmax 0
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Old 09-29-2006 , 12:18   Re: Official SVC_BAD Thread

I get this error:

Error: server failed to transmit file 'AY&SY.
Last 32 messages parsed.
2588 2615 svc_sound
2588 2627 svc_sound
2588 2639 svc_sound
2588 2653 ScoreAttrib
2588 2656 Radar
2588 2664 svc_sound
2588 2676 svc_sound
2588 2688 svc_sound
2588 2700 ScoreAttrib
2588 2703 Radar
2588 2711 svc_sound
2588 2723 svc_sound
2588 2735 ScoreAttrib
2588 2738 Radar
2588 2746 AmmoX
2588 2749 AmmoX
2588 2752 AmmoX
2588 2755 CurWeapon
2588 2759 CurWeapon
2588 2763 CurWeapon
2588 2767 CurWeapon
2588 2771 CurWeapon
2588 2775 CurWeapon
2588 2779 HudTextArgs
2588 2811 svc_sound
2588 2823 svc_sound
2588 2835 ScoreAttrib
2588 2838 Radar
2588 2846 CurWeapon
2588 2850 CurWeapon
2588 2854 svc_filetxferfailed
BAD: 2865:svc_bad
Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad

Mostly it's at start of each round, but I guess sometimes it's not. It had not been like this before, I could play the server no-prob.
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