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Creating solid entity [CS:GO]

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Old 09-10-2019 , 11:18   Creating solid entity [CS:GO]
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Hi, i have some problems with adding a solid entity.
I have this code:

public Action Build(int client, const char[] command, int argc) {
    int index = CreateEntityByName("prop_dynamic");
	if(index > -1) {
	    SetEntityModel(index, TEST_ENTITY);
	   	SetEntProp(index, Prop_Send, "m_nSolidType", 4);
		SetEntProp(index, Prop_Data, "m_CollisionGroup", 18);
		AcceptEntityInput(index, "EnableCollision" );

        SDKHook(index, SDKHook_OnTakeDamage, TakeDamageFunc);
	return Plugin_Handled;
Problem: i can hit my created entity, it works so good, but i also can walk through this model, but i want to forbid this.
I try to use all values for solid type
enum SolidType_t
	SOLID_NONE			= 0,	// no solid model
	SOLID_BSP			= 1,	// a BSP tree
	SOLID_BBOX			= 2,	// an AABB
	SOLID_OBB			= 3,	// an OBB (not implemented yet)
	SOLID_OBB_YAW		= 4,	// an OBB, constrained so that it can only yaw
	SOLID_CUSTOM		= 5,	// Always call into the entity for tests
	SOLID_VPHYSICS		= 6,	// solid vphysics object, get vcollide from the model and collide with that
and for collision group:

enum Collision_Group_t
	COLLISION_GROUP_DEBRIS,			// Collides with nothing but world and static stuff
	COLLISION_GROUP_DEBRIS_TRIGGER, // Same as debris, but hits triggers
	COLLISION_GROUP_INTERACTIVE_DEBRIS,	// Collides with everything except other interactive debris or debris
	COLLISION_GROUP_INTERACTIVE,	// Collides with everything except interactive debris or debris
	COLLISION_GROUP_PLAYER_MOVEMENT,  // For HL2, same as Collision_Group_Player, for
										// TF2, this filters out other players and CBaseObjects
	COLLISION_GROUP_NPC,			// Generic NPC group
	COLLISION_GROUP_IN_VEHICLE,		// for any entity inside a vehicle
	COLLISION_GROUP_WEAPON,			// for any weapons that need collision detection
	COLLISION_GROUP_VEHICLE_CLIP,	// vehicle clip brush to restrict vehicle movement
	COLLISION_GROUP_DOOR_BLOCKER,	// Blocks entities not permitted to get near moving doors
	COLLISION_GROUP_PASSABLE_DOOR,	// Doors that the player shouldn't collide with
	COLLISION_GROUP_DISSOLVING,		// Things that are dissolving are in this group
	COLLISION_GROUP_PUSHAWAY,		// Nonsolid on client and server, pushaway in player code

	COLLISION_GROUP_NPC_ACTOR,		// Used so NPCs in scripts ignore the player.
	COLLISION_GROUP_NPC_SCRIPTED,	// USed for NPCs in scripts that should not collide with each other

can u help me with it, thanks

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