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Hero: Light Armor (dakilla_msv)

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Old 09-10-2009 , 21:43   Hero: Light Armor (dakilla_msv)
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Light Armor (NS) v1.1
(aka Soldier, Soilder)

Light Machine Gun (LMG) - Become a Light Armor marine from Natural Selection and get a Light Machine Gun (AUG), which does more damage.

shconfig.cfg CVARS
//Light Armor (NS)
lightarmor_level 10
lightarmor_health 200		//Default 100 (no extra health)
lightarmor_armor 200		//Default 150
lightarmor_gravity 1.0		//Default 1.0 = no extra gravity (0.50 is 50% of normal gravity, ect.)
lightarmor_augspeed -1		//Speed when holding aug, Default -1 = no extra speed (for faster then normal speed set to 261 or higher)
lightarmor_augmult 1.8		//Damage multiplyer for his AUG
// Below Only used if PLAYER_MODEL define = 1
lightarmor_teamglow 0		//Glow Team Color when player skin in use (0=no 1=yes)
**AMX Mod X 1.76d & up ONLY**
**Requires Fakemeta Module**

defines - to change edit in sma and recompile
// 0-no player model
// 1-green light armor model + glow cvar option [Default]
// 2-team colored light armor models t=red ct=blue (Note: Requires models from optional zip)
#define PLAYER_MODEL 1

// 0-follow server sh_reloadmode cvar setting [Default]
// 1-no reload, continuous shooting
// 2-reload, but backpack ammo never depletes
// 3-drop weapon and get a new one with full clip
// 4-normal cs, reload and backpack ammo depletes
#define AMMO_MODE 0

// Comment out to not use the AUG model

// Comment out to not give a free AUG
Even though there are no vaild CS models, I am sick of people asking for this POS hero. So here it is in all it's crappy glory. As with the others I have posted in this fashion I am not supporting it after it has been posted.
Hero is and was a rip of Master Chief.
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Old 10-14-2012 , 08:46   Re: Hero: Light Armor (dakilla_msv)
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