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[ANY] SteamWorks

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Mika Misori
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Old 05-22-2023 , 08:49   Re: [ANY] SteamWorks
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Originally Posted by Mika Misori View Post
On my L4D2 server, the extension does not work. It won't load and gives this error: Unable to load extension "SteamWorks.ext": /game/left4dead2/addons/sourcemod/extensions/SteamWorks.ext.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


steam_group_credits.smx (Steam Group Credits): Required extension "SteamWorks" file("SteamWorks.ext") not running
Jesus Christ, I literally suffered for 4 hours to finally get this extension running on the L4D2 server.

If someone, like me, after reading the instructions 10 times can not understand how to install the extension, you need to do the following:

Download the latest release from the GitHab for your server (I have a server on Linux, so I downloaded 1.2.3c package-lin.tgz).

Download attached archive (SteamClient.tar.xz) from the first post of the thread.
From this archive transfer folder bin with all files to your server. In this folder is the file steamclient.so for L4D2, which I could not find and understand where to take...
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Old 05-25-2023 , 12:37   Re: [ANY] SteamWorks
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Originally Posted by KyleS View Post
Hello, this extension actually provides a bunch of things now (originally; Family Sharing detection).

This should function for any SteamWorks enabled game. However, I've only tested using CS:S on Linux. Windows builds are possible, but I can't support them.

Interfaces presently supported (and exposed to Pawn). ISteamGameServer, ISteamHTTP, ISteamGameServerStats. If you'd like more interfaces added (with natives/hooks); by all means just post.

Include File: https://github.com/KyleSanderson/Ste...SteamWorks.inc
Confirmed (maybe) working: CS:GO Lin/Win, CS:S Lin/Win, DoD:S Win, L4D2 Lin/Win, TF2 Lin/Win.

My game doesn't work! Nothing works! :(
That's a bug, let me know and we can probably fix it.

Installation Instructions:
If your server has an outdated Steam Client (presume yes, even if your game has been updated recently; unless if you know for sure), you need the latest SteamClient. I've included this from the redistributable portion of the SteamWorks SDK (1.28). This goes in the bin directory beside your gamedir.
This is no longer the case, Valve has since updated a lot of games with a newer steamclient copy then what's attached. If your game has been updated recently, you should be fine (a lot has changed in 3 years).
If you're still running an ancient game like L4D2 and not something more recent and up to date like CS:S or DoD:S you need any steamclient from the past 4 years to have this work.

The rest is pretty straight forward, just extract SteamWorks to your gamedir.

Thanks to:
VoiDeD - Showing how to use Callback Macros.
psychonic - Example for HTTP, knowing which binaries to replace, significant buildbot help.
Drifter - Significant amb2 help.
Unknown Steamworks Devs - Adding the requested functionality to SteamWorks after Family Sharing was being heavily abused.

Plugins to supplement SteamWorks.ext Functionality:

Plugins using SteamWorks.ext:

Full Documentation:

Hopefully this helps someone.
The latest development version can be found here: https://github.com/KyleSanderson/SteamWorks
The latest development builds can be found here: https://github.com/KyleSanderson/SteamWorks/releases
Old development builds can be found here: http://users.alliedmods.net/~kyles/builds/SteamWorks/
Hi, you said extract steamworks to your game dir. I need steamworks for my lan cs go server. How should I extract this file? Should I just paste steamworks into server dir or should I paste what's inside of steamworks into the server dir? Can you be very specific? I'm kind of new with these stuff.
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