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[Solved]Tag Mismatch on enum arrays.

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Black Rose
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Old 04-17-2014 , 17:17   [Solved]Tag Mismatch on enum arrays.
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Hi guys.
I'm modifying my HTTP2 inc into a plugin for easier 3d party development. (No local compilation but 2 downloads instead.)

I renamed a lot of variables automatically, I assume I've made two variables by the same name or something but I can't find anything.
I'm not getting the same errors on the include file.
If you could lend a helping hand I would appreciate it.

I'm getting these errors:
N:\Nerladdat\! Spel\CS\! Scripting\Rose\HTTP2\http2.sma(571) : warning 229: index tag mismatch (symbol "gQueData")
N:\Nerladdat\! Spel\CS\! Scripting\Rose\HTTP2\http2.sma(752) : warning 229: index tag mismatch (symbol "gQueData")
N:\Nerladdat\! Spel\CS\! Scripting\Rose\HTTP2\http2.sma(824) : warning 229: index tag mismatch (symbol "stFollow_TempURLParsed")
Here are the related globals:
enum URLDataEnum {     _Scheme[10],     _Host[64],     _URLPort,     _User[64],     _Pass[64],     _Path[160],     _Query[192],     _Fragment[128] }; enum QueDataEnum {     _QueURL[512],     _QueFilename[128],     _QueCompleteHandler[33],     _QueProgressHandler[33],     _QuePort,     _QueRequestType,     _QueUsername[64],     _QuePassword[64],     _QuePostVars[1024] }; new gQueData[QueDataEnum];

Here are the 3 errors and related local variables:
    ArrayPushArray(gQue_hArray, gQueData);
    ArrayGetArray(gQue_hArray, 0, gQueData);
    static stFollow_TempURLParsed[URLDataEnum];    
    arrayset(stFollow_TempURLParsed, 0, sizeof stFollow_TempURLParsed);

Don't try to run the que system as it does not work. I am aware of that and fixing it meanwhile.

EDIT: Solved. I'm not sure why it is working in the include but putting _: in front of the enums removed the warnings.
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