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Player being kicked for command spamming

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Old 06-03-2018 , 14:41   Player being kicked for command spamming
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I've had a player contact me complaining that every time he joins one of my servers, he gets kicked for command spamming. I took a look and sure enough he is. From my SMAC.log file:
(I've included some examples of the spam we have been getting from our command logs in the spoiler below.)

For the most part what I am seeing is as soon as he joins a class, he instantly begin spamming hex color codes and letters not normally type-able in TF2. It's also happening so fast it has to be something automatic. He could not be doing so manually.

If they had the 'say' command at the front, I'd guess that he was trying to flood the chat like various aimbot programs do so that people can't complain about hackers in the chat. But as they don't they are just invalid commands. That said, valid or invalid commands, they are still being spammed.

I've searched this players SteamID and all I could find were various comms bans from one community. He has no aimbot/cheat bans and no VAC ban. My gut feeling though is telling me this guy is using (or trying to use) an aimbot/cheat program which SMAC is detecting and kicking him for command spam before it has had time to detect the actual aimbot itself. On my servers, we have the action limit set to 6.

Now this is what I need help with. I would like some confirmation that this person is in fact cheating before I actually ban him. So is this a recognised cheat? Or known counter-measure of some kind? I have said to the person in question that if they stop doing what they are doing then it will stop kicking them, but they are insisting that they aren't.

Command log examples.
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Old 06-03-2018 , 15:12   Re: Player being kicked for command spamming
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Update: I showed them the same command logs as I shared above and he claims is for a lenny bind. Not sure if I believe him or not.
19:54 - Wizard Magizard: ahah i know the cause of this lol
19:54 - Wizard Magizard: its my configs
19:52 - [GmT] Werewolf [GB/UK]: What sort of config?
19:55 - Wizard Magizard: yea i have a shitty attempted lenny bind that is rainbow on servers with /me
19:55 - Wizard Magizard: but it doesnt work so i sort of forgot about it
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