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smac_eyetest plugin ban all players

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Old 04-30-2018 , 00:41   smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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the plugin is outdated now? it bans all players who join server.

PHP Code:
L 04/29/2018 22:32:34: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum16195 | [1846:1863:1863]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:35: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum67886 | [1968:1989:1989]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:36: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum888867 | [2030:2039:2039]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:38: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum157743 | [2245:2260:2260]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:38: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum12291 | [2252:2271:2271]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:39: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum27512 | [2483:2502:2502]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:41: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum62923 | [2713:2733:2733]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:42: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum342047 | [2777:2786:2786]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:43: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum318717 | [3005:3014:3014]
L 04/29/2018 22:32:56: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum152117 | [4599:4607:4607]
L 04/29/2018 22:33:03: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum139907 | [5495:5514:5514]
L 04/29/2018 22:33:03: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum228111 | [5498:5517:5517]
L 04/29/2018 22:33:03: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum24951 | [5540:5563:5563]
L 04/29/2018 22:37:35: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum56293 | [40302:40319:40319]
L 04/29/2018 22:38:18: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum374619 | [45819:45838:45838]
L 04/29/2018 22:39:13: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum2384 | [52853:52874:52874]
L 04/29/2018 22:41:03: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum6647 | [66918:66932:66932]
L 04/29/2018 22:41:22: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum823 | [69401:69412:69412]
L 04/29/2018 22:43:08: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum865 | [82902:82921:82921]
L 04/29/2018 22:49:17: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum9281 | [130219:130233:130233]
L 04/29/2018 22:52:14: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum9818 | [152849:152861:152861]
L 04/29/2018 22:54:07: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum4626 | [167265:167285:167285]
L 04/29/2018 22:55:00: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum2767 | [174063:174080:174080]
L 04/29/2018 22:55:14: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum6383 | [175922:175938:175938]
L 04/29/2018 22:57:26: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum3967 | [192816:192825:192825]
L 04/29/2018 22:59:51: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum39562 | [211364:211384:211384]
L 04/29/2018 23:03:20: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum112470 | [238036:238058:238058]
L 04/29/2018 23:04:45: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum1572 | [248903:248922:248922]
L 04/29/2018 23:04:50: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum10880 | [249665:249678:249678]
L 04/29/2018 23:07:43: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum341874 | [271800:271819:271819]
L 04/29/2018 23:08:40: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum931 | [3966:3972:3972]
L 04/29/2018 23:09:08: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum374 | [2530:2541:2541]
L 04/29/2018 23:13:19: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum319 | [2608:2621:2621]
L 04/29/2018 23:15:08: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum518 | [2547:2559:2559]
L 04/29/2018 23:16:22: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum609 | [5616:5636:5636]
L 04/29/2018 23:37:49: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum391 | [1734:1741:1741]
L 04/29/2018 23:40:29: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum250 | [2803:2817:2817]
L 04/29/2018 23:49:40: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum431 | [2708:2723:2723]
L 04/29/2018 23:52:49: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum603 | [2140:2153:2153]
L 04/29/2018 23:54:26: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum530 | [3008:3021:3021]
L 04/30/2018 00:00:04: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum450 | [2625:2636:2636]
L 04/30/2018 00:00:38: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum790 | [3816:3827:3827]
L 04/30/2018 00:03:10: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum291 | [3383:3392:3392]
L 04/30/2018 00:07:18: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum453 | [1984:2005:2005]
L 04/30/2018 00:11:02: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum2864 | [6561:6570:6570]
L 04/30/2018 00:17:06: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum4733 | [10375:10397:10397]
L 04/30/2018 00:22:00: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum2986 | [7087:7101:7101]
L 04/30/2018 00:24:24: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum661 | [3690:3700:3700]
L 04/30/2018 00:31:44: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum293 | [2070:2081:2081]
L 04/30/2018 00:36:44: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum719 | [2202:2217:2217]
L 04/30/2018 00:43:50: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum1978 | [6477:6492:6492]
L 04/30/2018 01:01:11: [smac_eyetest.smx was banned for tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum315 | [4546:4563:4563
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Old 04-30-2018 , 01:43   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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after 2/28/2018 cs go update eyetest fucked up...disable it

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Old 05-17-2018 , 19:50   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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Old 05-17-2018 , 22:16   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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its doing it now after the 5/17 update for tf2 and im running the version, is the version causing the same problem? i dont want to install the version of eyetest and leave it so more people can get banned.

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Old 05-18-2018 , 09:05   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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If it is the same like in CSGO, it'll ban you when you join and when you alt-tab

it has to do something with the engine going to something like a sleep mode... at least when you alt-tab
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Old 05-18-2018 , 20:45   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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@DarkPyro I have two TF2 servers with and it's causing the same problem. Lucky I only use SMAC for warning purposes so no player is getting banned.

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Old 07-23-2018 , 13:47   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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I hate to be that guy and ask especially since this project is dead, but it would be really nice if someone were to fix this if it even is fixable, and personally I'd pay for a fixed version of this module since it surprisingly catches alot of people more quicker than the aimbot module does. (if you want to get paid for fixing this module for me, dm me since I really could use it on my server and it would make me alot more comfortable having it fixed)

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Old 05-12-2019 , 10:31   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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We need the same system as smac_aimbot : "Ignore the first detection as it's just as likely to be a false positive."
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Old 05-15-2019 , 09:46   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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Originally Posted by JLmelenchon View Post
We need the same system as smac_aimbot : "Ignore the first detection as it's just as likely to be a false positive."
I believe only Silence will be able to do that. You can point it out here

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Old 05-16-2019 , 19:18   Re: smac_eyetest plugin ban all players
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Originally Posted by JLmelenchon View Post
We need the same system as smac_aimbot : "Ignore the first detection as it's just as likely to be a false positive."
Is there a particular issue or situation that you are seeing where the first detection for smac_eyetest is always false or is this in regards to what the original poster was mentioning with the false bans? If it is the latter, smac_eyetest was recently updated to fix the many false tickcount detections that would occur when players would alt-tab in games like TF2 and (possibly) CS:GO. I would still suggest using compatability mode and turning off autoban for this plugin just to be safe, but the issue should be resolved now.

However, if this is a new issue you are seeing, it might be a good idea to list out the details (such as the game and the actions being taken to reproduce the issue) in another thread in this forum (we probably shouldn't necro this thread with a different issue) or do as BlodyT mentioned and create an issue on the Github he linked.
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