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Solved [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log

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Old 02-08-2022 , 21:34   [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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If i missed something, or included too much/sensitive information please let me know.

Stack Trace:
sm version:

sm exts list: (FTP User ID edited out)

sm plugins list:
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Old 02-09-2022 , 20:42   Re: [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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From looking at the stack.txt file, it appears to crash inside the function.
PHP Code:
CTerrorPlayer::OnTakeDamageInternal(CTakeDamageInfo &) 
The register ECX is a null pointer which leads to the crash from accessing memory at location 0x0.

Look for plugins that call
PHP Code:
or hook it. I can see your last plugin on the list
PHP Code:
91 "[L4D2] Gnome and Cola Shove Damage" (1.0.9by Mart 
calls SDKHooks_TakeDamage. I would start by unloading plugins that manipulate or cause damage to occur until you have no more crashes.
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Old 02-09-2022 , 21:31   Re: [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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I used both, gnome and cola to shove all kind of infected without crashes, even beating a tank/witch with it. Not sure why it decided to crash now. The server crashes approximately once a day (this server is mostly active). WIll try without this plugin.

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Old 02-10-2022 , 03:58   Re: [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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You can see from the stack trace that the TakeDamage call came from CInferno (a built-in entity) rather than a plugin, so looking for plugins using SDKHooks_TakeDamage is the wrong path. While commonly this would indicate a bug in the game, there was an active OnTakeDamage SDKHook, if a plugin using that made a SDKCall with subtly incorrect gamedata there is a chance the server could survive long enough to crash here. You should temporarily rename your gamedata folder and replace it with a fresh copy from the SourceMod download, that will cause all the 3rd party things you have to fail to load, then you can focus on them.
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Old 02-12-2022 , 23:42   Re: [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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solved it by giving up on this function:


hooked in:

public Action:TimerLoadGlobal(Handle:hTimer, any:client)
	client = GetClientOfUserId(client);
	if( !client || !IsClientInGame(client) ) return;

	SDKHook(client, SDKHook_OnTakeDamageAlive, OnTakeDamageAlive);
Used in this part of code:

public Action:OnTakeDamageAlive(victim, &attacker, &inflictor, &Float:damage, &damagetype)
	if (!IsServerProcessing())
		return Plugin_Continue;
	if (victim && attacker > 0 && IsValidEntity(attacker) && attacker <= MaxClients && IsValidEntity(victim) && victim <= MaxClients)
		if (ClientData[attacker][PLAYERDATA:ChosenClass] == _:SNIPER && GetClientTeam(attacker) == 2 && GetClientTeam(victim) == 3)
			//damage = damage + getdamage(attacker);
			damage += GetConVarInt(SNIPER_DAMAGE);
			//damage *= GetConVarFloat(SNIPER_DAMAGE_RATIO);
			return Plugin_Changed;
	return Plugin_Continue;
It stopped crashing when i commented damage hook line above and latter entire block out.
It caused other problems aswell, like damage bonus adding itself up occasionally (5 times per single assault rifle shot).
Are there obvious issues with the latter block of code?
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Old 02-13-2022 , 14:35   Re: [L4D2]Server Crash, Accelerator log
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May be a coincidence as well.

The only issues with SDKHooks_TakeDamage/SDKHook_OnTakeDamage that I already experienced was with chainsaw damage while being incapacitated and with the Silvers Dissolve plugin, but looking to your crash seems unrelated.

Also hooking on Event_PlayerSpawn is a bad practise cause on L4D2 this event fires a lot of times and in different situations, which means that your plugin may be duplicating the event everytime the survivor spawn/respawn/rescued. (which explains your mention of "5 times")

Better hook it on OnClientPutInServer (and with late load logic)

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