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[SOLVED] IF Performance (Yeah, IF)

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Old 06-14-2018 , 21:30   Re: [SOLVED] IF Performance (Yeah, IF)
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I prefer the crazy way too xD
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Old 06-15-2018 , 02:40   Re: [SOLVED] IF Performance (Yeah, IF)
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Originally Posted by CrazY. View Post
I like more with return values, but that's doesn't matter if you do not do wrong.

public FMVoiceSetClientListening(Recv,Sender,bool:Listen) {     if (Recv == Sender)         return FMRES_IGNORED;     if (!is_user_connected(Recv) || !is_user_connected(Sender))         return FMRES_IGNORED;     if (get_user_team(Recv) != get_user_team(Sender))         return FMRES_IGNORED;         engfunc(EngFunc_SetClientListening,Recv,Sender,true);     return FMRES_SUPERCEDE; }
I believe this is considered the best practice - check your cases early and return, makes it easy to follow the "main" path of the code and keeps the indentation low.
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