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Solved Random Player

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Old 06-10-2018 , 20:04   Random Player
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hi, i want to get a random player who doesn't have freeday.

freeday native : is_user_freeday(id)

PHP Code:
players[32], pnum;
    if( !
pnum ) return -1;

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Old 06-11-2018 , 02:46   Re: Random Player
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RandomPlayer() {     static id;     new players[32], pnum;     do     {         get_players(players, pnum);             if( !pnum ) return -1;         id = players[random(pnum)];     }       while (is_user_freeday(id));     return id; }
Somelike half working this?

I had to repeat the loop if the random player had freeday so it proceeds again and choses a new one.
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Old 06-11-2018 , 14:23   Re: Random Player
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Thanks, it's works.
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Old 06-12-2018 , 20:11   Re: Random Player
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Beware that Relaxing's method is non-deterministic and can freeze your server for an amount of time. It will also be an infinite loop if all players have free day (which will look like your server freezes permanently).

Here is a version that has a maximum execution time (32 iterations) and therefore will never cause an infinite loop. If no player no player is found, it will return zero.

PHP Code:
public random_nonfreeday_player()
iPlayers[32], iPlayersNumindex
iRandomIndex random(iPlayersNum)
    for( new 
0iPlayersNumi++ )
index = (iRandomIndex i) % iPlayersNum
if( !is_user_freeday(iPlayers[index]) )


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