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L4d2 - admin group

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Old 11-25-2021 , 00:30   L4d2 - admin group
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Can someone help me with this

For example, my TAG is [ADMIN] with the Z mark, what I want to achieve is that they have [MOD] TAG with the Z mark, but that when writing in the chat is not the same as mine

How can I add that?

I want to have a group of administrators, and that they all have a different [TAG] tag than mine

I tried to do it with the hextags plugin, but I can't understand, can you help me?

They tell me to create an admin group with @Admins, but how can I do it

PHP Code:
    "@Admin" //@Admin -> Only players in the admin group will have these tags.
"ScoreTag" "[MOD]" //The scoreboard-tag
"ChatTag"   "{green}{green}[MOD] "
        "ChatColor" "{green}"
        "NameColor" "{teamcolor}"

PHP Code:
     * Allowed properties for a group:
     *   "flags"           - Flag string.
     *   "immunity"        - Immunity level number, or a group name.
     *                         If the group name is a number, prepend it with an 
     *                         '@' symbol similar to admins_simple.ini.  Users 
     *                         will only inherit the level number if it's higher 
     *                         than their current value.
"immunity"        "1"
"Full Admins"
         * You can override commands and command groups here.
         * Specify a command name or group and either "allow" or "deny"
         * Examples:
         *         ":CSDM"            "allow"
         *        "csdm_enable"    "deny"
"flags"            "abcdefghiz"

/* Largish number for lots of in-between values. */
"immunity"        "99"


My COOP server in L4D2 -> connect
DISCORD: Asphyxia#9797

Sorry for my bad English

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