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vgui_world_text_panel //SetDisplayText//

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Old 03-29-2021 , 21:58   vgui_world_text_panel //SetDisplayText//
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On the map they have vgui_world_text_panel and need change text with script, but how to do it idk

PHP Code:
void ChangeDisplayText()
char sBuffer[100];
int lastEdictInUse GetEntityCount();
    for (
int entity MaxClients+1entity <= lastEdictInUse; ++entity)
        if ( !
IsValidEdict(entity) )
        if (!
StrEqual(sBuffer"vgui_world_text_panel")) continue;

        if (!
StrEqual(sBuffer"player")) continue;
SetEntPropString(entityProp_Data"here i got a brain daMage""Yep");

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Old 01-13-2022 , 12:12   Re: vgui_world_text_panel //SetDisplayText//
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Did you ever find the correct property name? Looking for the same thing in reverse. Getting that property.
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Old 01-16-2022 , 13:21   Re: vgui_world_text_panel //SetDisplayText//
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PHP Code:
int vgui_world_text_panel FindEntityByClassname(-1"vgui_world_text_panel");

vgui_world_text_panel == -1)

SetEntPropString(vgui_world_text_panelProp_Send"m_szDisplayText""Yes asdsadasdsa   asdasdasdasdsads");
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