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L4D2 radialmenu error

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Old 09-17-2020 , 15:38   L4D2 radialmenu error
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I'm having an issue I can't figure out with my L4D2 client radialmenu.vpk

The original radialmenu.txt works fine with my L4D1 client

In game L4D2 I select from the radial menu a vocalise command - in game when I use it, it has a number next to it on screen.

for example

If I choose: "command" "vocalize PlayerWarnHunter ; say --Hunter--"

It prints on screen ... each key press changes the number :

--Hunter-- #490
--Hunter-- #506
--Hunter-- #515

also I don't get the vocalization but the --Hunter-- will show. Although the vocalization will work using just "vocalize PlayerWarnHunter" on it's own)

Even if I take the vocalize command out I still get the random numbers using say --Hunter-- I've tried sm_say --Hunter-- and !say --Hunter--

So I'm guessing L4D2 doe's not allow vocalise and a text command togther?

Anyone know a solution ?



			"command"	"vocalize ResponseSoftDispleasureSwear ; say #[email protected]*#!"
			"text"		"Swear"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnTank ; say  Tank!!"

			"text"		"TANK!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer ; say --BOOMER!!--"
			"text"		"Boomer!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker ; say --Smoker!!--"
			"text"		"Smoker!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerStayTogether ; say --Stay close--"
			"text"		"Stay Together!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerIncoming ; say --incoming!!--"
			"text"		"Incoming!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerDeath"
			"text"		"PlayerDeath!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnHunter ; say --Hunter--"
			"text"		"Hunter!!"
			"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnWitch ; say --Witch--"
			"text"		"Witch!!"

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Old 09-24-2020 , 15:37   Re: L4D2 radialmenu error
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What if try delay
"command"	"vocalize PlayerWarnTank; wait 1; say Tank!!"
or alias:
"command"	"alias t1 \"vocalize PlayerWarnTank\"; alias t2 \"say Tank!!\"; t1; t2"
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Old 10-02-2020 , 14:37   Re: L4D2 radialmenu error
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Hi Dragokas,

Sadly none of the fixes you have given work - perhaps the L4D2 radialmenu can only be used with a single vocalize command


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Old 10-02-2020 , 16:47   Re: L4D2 radialmenu error
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...not sure why, but those are timestamp from round start.
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Old 10-04-2020 , 21:16   Re: L4D2 radialmenu error
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My custom vocalize radial menu vpk doesn't display anymore. Not looked into it but it's sad
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