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Swear Identification System

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Old 11-15-2019 , 12:49   Swear Identification System
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Hi guys!

I would like to ask your opinion about a project of mine that I have been developing for some time in my spare time.
I wrote a swear identification system that is base on Regular Expressions(and some enhancements) with the idea in mind to sell it as a service for game servers. This solution is much more flexible than the traditional dictionary based solutions.
Even if right now I am offering it for free, I see no interest in such a service in my country(Romania). Only one community is using it and others that I contacted said that they don't want such thing.
I have some doubts if to continue or not the project because I don't know if it has value for other or not.
What I ask from you is your true opinion about this by answering this questions(if you want) :

1. Do you care if the players from your server(s) swear?
2. Do you use or intend to use a swear identification system on your server?
3. Would you be interested in such a system/solution for your community/server ?
4. Would you pay for such a solution?(lets say 1$/server/month)
5. Other opinions?

If you want to test this(even if is in a beta like stage) you can go here: https://client.faralimbajvulgar.ro/ . At this moment, the system identifies swears from Romanian(most expressions are here right now) or English(but with fewer expressions).

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Old 12-15-2019 , 18:50   Re: Swear Identification System
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I decided to end this project. This topic can be deleted. Thanks!
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Old 12-22-2019 , 05:58   Re: Swear Identification System
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Old 12-22-2019 , 08:36   Re: Swear Identification System
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Paying monthly for a plugin that already exists, what?
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Old 12-22-2019 , 10:27   Re: Swear Identification System
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"based on regular expressions"
regex = word1|word2|word3|....|word999999

Joking aside, swear filtering is not an exact science. There are a million ways people can beat the system(especially if it's mainly a basic regex) so if you plan on selling something like this you should make sure you state how your plugin is better(saying is better doesn't quite cut it).

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Old 12-22-2019 , 10:34   Re: Swear Identification System
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Exactly. Spam Kick v1.4. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1058682 with an expanded spam.ini with 'swear' or undesirable words or patterns-of-text is very effective. I made one 20 years ago that was dumb simple to handle taunting and have for the most part a unattended auto-admin. It's still on CD or 3.5". Output: Slap, slay, or kick depending on trigger. For instance gay and words like that were over-used would get a light slap. When I returned one afternoon some of the guys bound the word to a key to use the slap as a surf experience. Rolls eyes. Sometimes we have to give a dog a bone.

There are many wolves in sheeps clothing social engineering for admin rights.
AutoAdmin was made to not have a need for admins.

slap the annoying (stupid/swear words)
slay the bold (admin taunts)
kick or temp ban the pushy (server shit talking)

These days when I started to remake plugin it took minutes and I put more effort into an anti-camper with honing beacon plugin as there aren't enough players to go around kicking!!

Spam Kick v1.4 post with possible Linux or all Goldsrc issue not AMXX.
There must have been something I changed as this issue was found. Source on request only.
Nobody has tested this on Windows and has commented yet.
"It's not the actual programming that's interesting. But it's what you can accomplish with the end results that are important." -Dennis Ritchie
"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture..." -Bertrand Russell
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