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[TF2] Steph's AntiCheat

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    Old 06-01-2021 , 18:48   [TF2] Steph's AntiCheat
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    This plugin - abbreviated as "StAC" - can detect, log, patch, and punish for a majority of the cheats, macros, and unfair scripts available for Team Fortress 2, including:
    • pSilentAim / NoRecoil / Angle Repeat cheats
    • Plain aimsnap / Aimbot cheats
    • Auto bhop cheats
    • Fake eye angle cheats
    • NoLerp cheats
    • Some FoV cheats
    • Some Spinbot cheats

    It also can prevent and/or detect:
    • Newlines/invalid characters in chat messages
    • Cmdnum manipulation (clientside nospread)
    • Tickcount manipulation (backtracking) - Thank you to JTanzinite, author of LilAC!
    • Interp/lerp abuse
    • Clients using +right/+left inputs
    • "Ping reducing" cheats (and patches "pingmasking" by legit clients as well)
    • Clients purposefully not authorizing with Steam

    I hate cheaters. Everyone does. But you know what I hate more? Taking the sweet time out of my day to catch them. A lot of TF2 cheats do a lot of the same things, and if you know what to look for, you can detect their patterns and ban them automatically!

    But wait. Don't server-side anticheats suck?

    They don't have to.

    Of course, there's limitations to what this plugin can do. It can't scan the memory or programs on your computer, it can't see exactly what keys you're pressing on your keyboard, and players don't live inside the server room, so there's always the factor of lag and loss.

    But StAC is written so that it has as few false detections as possible, because no one wants to get banned when they weren't cheating. I've reverse engineered cheats, installed them myself (on an alt, don't worry!) and I've tested and refined this plugin over the course of years and thousands of hours of work so that it ignores legit clients, and only goes after naughty cheaters. StAC runs on more community servers than you might think, too, and has banned thousands of cheaters.

    Even better, this plugin is set up to be as easy to use and install as possible, so you don't have to be a sourcemod guru to get rid of cheaters on your nfoserver.

    Installation & Configuration

    download the latest release (called stac.zip) from here
    extract the downloaded zip, and copy all the folders inside of it into /tf/addons/sourcemod/ on your tf2 server. Overwrite any files if prompted.
    restart your server

    The current list of cvars is listed here. The defaults should be good for most people, if you want to the plugin to autoban. If not, you can set any "detection" cvar to 0 to never ban, and to -1 to never even log or check in the first place. If you want to edit cvars,

    wait 30 seconds after doing the above
    edit /tf/cfg/sourcemod/stac.cfg to your liking
    restart your server again

    You should be good to go!


    This plugin is compatible with SourceBans, gbans, and the default TF2 ban handler, and auto detects which it should use. The plugin, by default, logs the currently recording demo (if one is recording) to the sourcebans ban message. To disable this, set stac_include_demoname_in_sb to 0.

    Chat logging, file logging and Discord logging

    This plugin prints detections to any clients on the server with the sm_ban permission, and the running SourceTV bot, if one exists. It saves more verbose logs to /tf/addons/sourcemod/logs/stac/stac_month_day_year.log by default, as well. To disable this verbose logging to file, set stac_log_to_file to 0. This plugin can also log to a Discord channel via a webhook, in combination with zipcore's Discord API plugin. Edit /tf/addons/sourcemod/configs/discord.cfg, to look like the following code snippet, and StAC will print all detections to that channel as well.

    HTML Code:
            "url"   "Your discord url"

    Though I wrote StAC to throw as few false positives as possible, I can't guarantee perfection. I also can't guarantee that everything will always work how it's supposed to. Please submit a bug report if you can reproduce a way to trigger false positives, or for any bug or feature request. If you're more comfortable talking to me personally about it, join the development discord for StAC here: https://discord.gg/tUGgCByZVJ

    Special Thanks etc.

    LilAC: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=321480 - JTanz rocks!

    SMAC: https://github.com/Silenci0/SMAC

    SSaC: Private - [AS] Nacho Replay, dog, and Miggy - RIP

    Backwards - coding

    Asherkin - coding

    Addie - coding

    JoinedSenses - coding

    Everyone else in the sourcemod discord who had to put up with my asinine questions


    dog - beta testing

    elektro - beta testing

    Creators.TF Community - beta testing

    Nanochip - rare code audits

    Miggy - this one's for you, bud.

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    Old 06-01-2021 , 18:55   Re: [TF2] Steph's AntiCheat
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    Old 06-01-2021 , 19:50   Re: [TF2] Steph's AntiCheat
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    Installed, tested, confirmed working. Thanks for sharing!
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    Cave Johnson
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    Old 06-01-2021 , 22:52   Re: [TF2] Steph's AntiCheat
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    What is the advantage of this over Lilac? Can you just run both?
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    Old 06-02-2021 , 18:33   Re: [TF2] Steph's AntiCheat
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    Originally Posted by Cave Johnson View Post
    What is the advantage of this over Lilac? Can you just run both?
    You can, though I've done no testing with lilac, so do it at your own risk.

    As for differences / advantages, in my very small amount of testing, I found lilac to be stuttery and the code not very readable. Plus, StAC has a couple more detections than lilac, but StAC is TF2 only and lilac is for multiple src games.

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