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CS:GO Bullet Penetration like 1.6?

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Old 12-28-2019 , 23:20   CS:GO Bullet Penetration like 1.6?
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Hi everyone!
I was searching a plugin that would change bullet penetration of every CSGO weapon to work as CS 1.6, where you can wallbang almost everything, not even using just an AWP. A pistol would penetrate, AK47, Deagle, M4A1. Almost every weapon in the CS 1.6 would penetrate every materials, like a Dust 2 wall without any trouble, not reducing its damage too much.

I didn't find any plugin, maybe there is a set of cvars for this? or I want to know if it's even posible, maybe make it! would be lovely!

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Old 12-29-2019 , 04:44   Re: CS:GO Bullet Penetration like 1.6?
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sv_penetration_type (Default "1") - What type of penertration to use. 0 = old CS, 1 = new penetration

it has to been set with sm_cvar sv_penetration_type ""

with old CS you can penetrate teammates, but dunno about other stuff.

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