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Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell

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Old 12-28-2019 , 14:03   Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell
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I'm unfamiliar with anything outside of sourcepawn.

Is it possible to trigger an iphone alarm from a night bell? (Something customers press that triggers a sound.) This is what the device looks like uncovered:

I don't mind learning swift and already have an imac mini so it would be perfect for this kind of project. But I'm completely unfamiliar with the hardware side of things. I guess I'm looking for the sourcemod equivilent of being able to hook onto a global forward - except in this case it would be my iphone alarm that gets triggered when this night bell gets rung.

Maybe I can even use an indirect method to trigger the alarm - like having some hardware device listening for the sound the nightbell makes and then interacting with the ios app. I'm just unfamiliar with how to set up a system like that (especially what hardware device to use and how to go about setting it up so I can interact with it programmatically via an IOS app).

Any ideas?
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Old 12-29-2019 , 00:32   Re: Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell
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You could use something like an Arduino to listen for the voltage change that happens when the bell rings/the circuit closes, which could then do whatever. If the iPhone and Arduino are always on the same wifi, you could give the iPhone a static IP and have it listening on a port the Arduino would send something to. If the phone should work anywhere, you could have a PC on the network listening instead, then it could send a push notification using Apple's service. You could probably also find some kind of wireless receiver/transmitter you could connect over COM/LPT/USB to the PC instead of having an Arduino, I guess.

You could try looking for a local enthusiast group for Arduinos/Raspberry Pis/other small devices like that for people to ask for advice.
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Old 01-02-2020 , 17:26   Re: Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell
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I would recommend ESP8266. It's basically an Arduino with its own little Wi-Fi server. Or even Raspberry PI, which is a lot more powerful and can be your little Linux computer!
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Old 01-02-2020 , 18:34   Re: Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell
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Meanwhile I'd recommend you "Udoo Neo" - a cheap microcomputer and microcontroller. I bought it a few years ago for something like 30 euros. It's technically a computer with WiFi connectivity so you can both program and use it at the same time. I had Lubuntu installed on it and controlled it throughout my phone and PC using VNC viewer or TeamViewer. What's even better is that it uses a micro SD card so you have no de jure limit when it comes to space.
Still, you have plenty of choices.

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Old 02-14-2020 , 10:25   Re: Triggering Iphone Alarm from night bell
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you can do this by going to alarm application or work in the settings. There are many videos on youtube that solves this doubt.

You can look up to routerlogin.mobi

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