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[TF2] Smarter Spawns - Spawn Protection

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Old 03-11-2016 , 09:17   Re: [TF2] Smarter Spawns - Spawn Protection
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Originally Posted by MaloModo View Post
Would it be possible to expand this plugin so that, say people firing out of spawn take the damage dealt and vice versa.
I don't understand your question. Do you mean some kind of damage reflection?
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Old 04-17-2016 , 13:03   Re: [TF2] Smarter Spawns - Spawn Protection
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Yes that is what I meant. The word had escaped me for some reason. That happens when you get old(er) Not like I haven't set up CoD servers in years past with these FF settings

PS Sorry for late response but came across this again after "problems" have arisen once again with "spawn camping" etc. Cheers.

And update - I have tried this on 3 different maps and doesn't seem to work. I read about the entity on OP but pretty sure one of the maps is pretty "good". I guess I will check it.
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Old 01-11-2017 , 16:06   Re: [TF2] Smarter Spawns - Spawn Protection
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I've been using this plugin on my server but I noticed some issues with Sentries and afterburn.

I have the plugin configured so that players in spawn deal no damage to players outside of spawn, and players outside deal none to those inside. This works great for most cases, except in the case of Sentry Guns and Afterburn. The server is an instant respawn server.

We noticed that if you kill and Engineer and he respawns, his sentry deals no damage until he leaves spawn. This is a problem for the Engineer if they were taking time to change their loadout or otherwise had reason to remain in spawn for a few moments. Their sentry is vulnurable for that entire time.
Additionally, having the sentry deal no damage while they are in spawn means that it is easy to kill a sentry just by killing the engineer first, then attacking the sentry during the few seconds they are in spawn.

We noticed a similar problem with afterburn. When a player is set on fire by a Pyro, then kills the pyro, they take no afterburn damage for the time the Pyro is in spawn. This denies many Pyros kills they would have otherwise gotten.

Is there any way to modify the plugin such that sentries and afterburn (and likely bleed effects as well) continue to deal damage when the attacker is in spawn?

Sentries seem like an easy enough problem if it is possible to detect that the damage a victim is taking is from a sentry. I tried looking into &damagetype in Action:OnTakeDamage but was unable to make progress.

Afterburn and Bleed could be more difficult if a player will, for example, take damage from the afterburn of a flare shot out of spawn. I have not tested any such things so I would not know if the afterburn would never start due to the flare itself dealing no damage. If that is the case then this situation should be more straightforward.
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Old 11-03-2018 , 18:36   Re: [TF2] Smarter Spawns - Spawn Protection
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Originally Posted by Powerlord View Post
I can only think of a few maps it wouldn't work on:

  1. Any arena map (for obvious reasons)
  2. cp_obscure_remake_ugc_rc2 (missing func_respawnroom)
Having said that, some arena maps DO have func_respawnroms. I know arena_ravine does, for example... or at least the version included with the Source SDK does.
Let's revive this thread and awnser a 2013 reply,

Not only these maps, there are also mvm_decoy, maps with 2 func_respawnroom.

for example : A player is on spawn A, he decides to change class, he changes class then he respawn on spawn B, sdkhooks/the plugin doesn't consider the player in spawn
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